夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第6集中英字幕下载-4K电影

夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第6集中英字幕下载

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电影:夜色中的地球 第一季 (Earth at Night in Color Season 1)




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 夜The night.,一个暗影重重的世界 那里藏着地球上超过一半的动物A shadowy world that hides more than half the animals on our planet.,在过去的镜头中 我们只能匆匆一瞥动物的生活Until now,但凭借新一代科技But with next-generation technology,我们眼中的夜晚和白天一样清晰we can see the night as clear as day.,有了比人类眼睛敏感100倍的摄像机With cameras a hundred times more sensitive than the human eye...,我们终于能够捕捉到夜晚的美we can now capture the beauty of night...,以全真色彩in color.,怪谲的自然风光Alien landscapes.,在黑夜里活跃的奇特生物Strange creatures brought to life by the darkness.,前所未见的行为Unseen behaviors.,现在我们能追踪动物的生活Now we can follow the lives of animals,前往地球最后的荒野in Earth's last true wilderness.,夜The night.,肯尼亚马赛马拉平原上 太阳下山了Sunset over the plains of Kenya's Maasai Mara.,这是非洲最受保护的野生地点之一One of Africa's most protected wild spaces.,也是地球上速度最快的陆生动物之家And home to the fastest land animal on Earth...,猎豹the cheetah.,人们一直认为 这种灵敏的猫科动物在白天捕猎These agile cats have always been thought of as daylight hunters.,它们能在超过1公里外锁定捕猎目标They target prey from more than a kilometer away.,以每小时100公里以上的速度追捕And chase it down at over 100 kilometers an hour.,在所有追捕中 成功猎杀的比率不到一半Fewer than half of all hunts end in a kill.,这个傍晚 这只年轻的公豹失败了And this evening,幸好它并非踽踽独行Fortunately,猎豹通常独自活动Cheetahs are usually solitary.,但这只豹子有个兄弟But he has a brother.,这两只四岁大的豹子从出生起就形影不离Since the day they were born,它们合作守卫60平方公里的优质狩猎地盘Working together,但今天晚上 失败的捕猎意味着 两兄弟浪费了宝贵的精力But tonight,很快又要再次捕食and must feed soon.,随着日暮降临As dusk draws in...,它们成功捕杀的几率似乎越来越低it seems their chances of making a kill are fading.,但是整夜跟随两兄弟的脚步But following these brothers through the night...,我们有不同的发现tells a different story.,凭借低光度摄像机With low-light cameras...,我们终于可以观察猎豹的夜生活we can now see the cheetah's nighttime world...,这为我们打开了全新视角in a whole new way.,在月光下Under moonlight...,猎豹过着不为人知的夜生活cheetahs lead a secret nocturnal life.,猎豹兄弟在天黑后很爱玩耍 出乎意料的是 它们也很爱叫The brothers are playful and surprisingly vocal after dark.,和大部分大猫不同 猎豹不能咆哮Cheetahs can't roar like most big cats.,但它们能咕噜叫But they can purr.,家猫咕噜叫是心满意足的表现In house cats,但人们认为 猎豹的咕噜叫也是为了巩固关系But it's thought cheetahs also purr to strengthen their bonds.,今晚 两兄弟比任何时候都更需要彼此And tonight,它们必须捕猎They must hunt.,大部分猫科动物是夜行动物Most cats are nocturnal.,但猎豹的眼睛生来更适应阳光But cheetahs have eyes adapted for daylight.,所以在黑暗中 两兄弟很难看清环境So the brothers struggle to see in the darkness.,但如今我们的摄像机 让我们比它们看得更清晰But our cameras now allow us to see more than them.,被捕食的动物通常尽可能远离捕猎者Prey animals usually keep as far from predators as possible.,但我们惊讶地发现 到了夜晚 角马另有一种自保的方式But at night,无论猎豹兄弟去哪Wherever the brothers go...,角马群都跟着the herd follows.,窍门在于让猎豹处于视线所及之处The trick is to keep the cheetahs in sight at all times...,同时尽可能远离它们while staying just far enough away...,以防需要逃跑to make their escape.,但两兄弟不是第一次玩这个游戏But the brothers have played this game before.,夜晚视力不佳的猎豹似乎不可能…It seems impossible that a cheetah with poor night vision...,在黑暗中进行高速追捕would attempt a high-speed chase in the dark.,但人们近期发现But it's recently been discovered...,猎豹有三分之一的捕杀是在夜晚进行的that one-third of cheetah kills take place at night.,这只捕猎高手很快就征服了猎物A skillful hunter,但接下来的情况让我们看到 两兄弟在天黑后的生活并不容易But what happens next shows how tough life can be for the brothers after dark.,角马群慢慢靠拢The herd closes rank.,它们能够共同将猎豹从猎物身边赶走Together,它的兄弟来保护它了His brother is there to protect him.,不过这只是麻烦的开始But that's just the start of their problems.,几秒钟的功夫 猎物就吸引了一只鬣狗 一种夜行性食腐动物Within seconds,鬣狗比猎豹强壮得多Far stronger than a cheetah...,一只就足以抵挡两兄弟one hyena can match both brothers.,它们必须为了守住猎物反抗They must now fight to keep their kill.,但这个小偷不是独自出动But this thief is not alone.,马赛马拉的鬣狗群可能多达60只In the Maasai Mara,猎豹十分之一的猎物会被偷走And 1 in 10 cheetah kills are stolen.,在夜晚捕猎Hunting at night...,是完全不同的is a whole new world.,它们必须再次出击They will have to try again.,但在天黑后寻觅食物的动物不只有猎豹But cheetahs aren't the only animals out here searching for food after dark.,在非洲的河岸上On the banks of Africa's rivers...,超过十万头河马离开水域 离开自己安全的家over 100,踏上不寻常的暗夜之旅to set out on an extraordinary nocturnal mission.,在白天 河马是出了名慵懒的河中动物By day,更喜欢在水中歇息 躲避炽热的日光Preferring to wallow in the water and hide from the hot sun.,但到了晚上 它们非常活跃But at night,它们循着踏过多次的路径 跋涉10公里 在广阔的大草原穿行Well-trodden trails lead them ten kilometers out across the open savanna.,在清凉的晚上 它们出来牧食They come here in the cool of night to graze.,每天晚上能咀食多达50公斤的草木Chomping through up to 50 kilos of grass and plants per night.,通过这样大量进食By eating on such a scale,这些秘密的夜间园丁扮演重要的角色these secret night gardeners are playing a vital role...,塑造草原shaping the grasslands,为这个丰富多元的生态系统贡献肥料and fertilizing this rich and diverse ecosystem.,远离了安全的河流So far from the safety of the river...,这里藏着危险it can be a little risky.,但如果你是个3吨重的除草机But when you're a three-ton lawn mower...,就连非洲最有气势的捕猎者even Africa's most imposing predator...,都要让你三分has to get out of your way.,没想到它们在夜晚 竟能如此自由地享受草原With their surprising free rein over the grasslands at night.
    我们看到河马的另一面we are beginning to see hippos in a whole new light.,在晴朗的夜空和满月下Under clear skies and a full moon...,失去了辛苦得来的猎物 猎豹兄弟继续捕猎the cheetah brothers continue to hunt,但它们不是今晚唯一的猎豹But they're not the only cheetahs out here tonight.,在它们的领地边缘On the fringes of their territory...,它们的姐妹正在休息their sister is getting some rest.,这是它很需要的And she needs it.,它有四只一岁大的幼崽She has four one-year-old cubs.,它们吃饱喝足They're already fed.,它现在只想保证幼崽安全All she wants to do now is keep them safe.,但它能感知到黑暗中的危险But she can sense trouble in the darkness.,鬣狗Hyenas.,它们能够杀死年幼的猎豹They can kill young cheetahs.,虽然它一岁大的幼崽看起来已经长大了Her one-year-olds might look fully grown.,但它们比成年豹更轻 更弱But they are lighter and weaker than adults.,还是移动地点比较安全It's safer to move them on.,一整群鬣狗收到关于这个年轻家庭的消息A whole gang has got wind of the young family.,鬣狗会争抢领地 会将较弱的敌人赶出栖居地Hyenas are territorial and will bully weaker rivals off their patch.,鬣狗渐渐接近The hyenas close in...,包围了猎豹一家surrounding the family.,在所有非洲大猫中 猎豹幼崽的存活率最低Young cheetahs have the lowest survival rate of any of the large African cats.,它们唯一的防御手段 是让自己看起来比实际更大Their only defense is to make themselves look bigger than they are.,母亲的最后一招是虚张声势The mother's last resort is a bluff charge.,它快没办法了She's running out of options.,但夜晚可能发生最意想不到的事But the most unexpected things can happen at night.,一头正值情绪暴烈期的年幼公象A young bull elephant in must.,它重达4吨 睾酮水平 较平常高50倍 正大发雷霆He's a four-ton giant,这些吵闹让它忍无可忍And he's had enough of all the commotion.,体型最大的陆生哺乳动物 救了速度最快的陆生哺乳动物The fastest land mammal saved by the biggest.,我们才刚开始了解We're only beginning to understand,夜晚非洲平原上发生的奇怪事情the strange things that take place on the African plains at night.,回到两兄弟的领地Back in the brothers' territory...,它们的决心终于有回报了their persistence has paid off.,它们再次成功They've made another kill.,又一次 一个熟悉的身影赶到现场Once again,但是这一次发生了不寻常的一幕But this time,鬣狗没有呼唤其他同伴The hyena doesn't call in the rest of its gang.,而猎豹没有为了猎物和来者对抗And rather than fight for their kill...,而是决定分享the brothers decide to share.,敌对的双方竟暂时达成休战协议The two rivals accept an uneasy truce.,终于 两兄弟填饱了肚子Finally,猎豹一直被认为是白天活动的猫科动物Cheetahs have long been considered daytime cats.,但如今我们才发现But only now are we discovering...,它们有着复杂的夜生活they live complex nocturnal lives.,每天晚上跟随两兄弟的脚步Following these two brothers night after night...,我们发现世界上速度最快的陆生动物shows a powerful but surprisingly fragile side...,在强大之余 竟有如此脆弱的一面to the world's fastest land animal.,在黑暗中拍摄猎豹捕猎Filming cheetahs hunting in the dark...,是"夜色中的地球"团队 遇到的最艰难的挑战之一was one of the Earth at Night team's hardest challenges.,我以前曾在白天拍摄猎豹捕猎I've filmed cheetah hunts during the daytime before,但这是我第一次试图 捕捉猎豹夜间捕猎的画面but this is the first time I've ever tried to get one at nighttime.,猎豹在满月前后 成功捕猎的几率更大Cheetahs are more likely to make a kill around full moon.,但两兄弟似乎有其他问题要考虑But the brothers seemed to have other things on their minds.,对 它们来了Yeah,大多数夜晚 它们都在用气味标记自己的领地They spent most nights scent marking their territory...,就像家猫一样just like house cats.,猎豹最常见的行为是标记树木 从一棵树到下一棵树A cheetah's biggest habit is going from one tree to the next tree...,再到下一棵树to the next tree.,我拍了很多这样的画面And I've got a lot of them doing that.,跟随两兄弟在黑暗中的足迹Following the brothers in the darkness...,团队看到这些猫科动物 需要这么大的空间才能生存the team saw just how much space these cats need to survive.,但通常它们面对一个难以忽视的问题But all too often,我们的摄像机会拍到城镇So what we're seeing with our cameras we're picking up towns,也许在10公里以外maybe 10 kilometers away.,这提醒了你It just reminds you,这些非凡的捕猎动物 住在距离人类如此近的地方how close these extraordinary predators are to living with people.,这些区域很适合These areas are really good,作为这些捕猎动物的保护区for the conservation and protection of these predators.,但与此同时But at the same time,随着人口不断增加 土地需求上升with the increasing human population growth and demand for land,它们仍然岌岌可危you know,世界上仅存约七千只野生猎豹There are around 7,它们的分布区域每年都在减少And their range is decreasing year-on-year.,就算是地球上最受保护的野生地区Even in one of the most protected wild places on Earth,从我们的夜间摄像机上也能看到 人类永远在不远的地方our night cameras show humans are never far away.,在黑夜里跟随两兄弟Following the brothers in the darkness...,团队终于等到这个机会the team finally got their chance.,再来1米左右 好的 慢慢开Just another meter or so. Okay,好的 没问题Okay,好 似乎其中一只开始奔跑了 大家稳住镜头Okay,拍到终于成功捕猎的一幕其实挺难得的It was actually quite amazing to finally get it.,我都开始觉得我们不可能拍到了I was starting to think we wouldn't.,你必须反应敏捷You gotta be so quick and hope,希望这是对的时间、对的地点that you're kind of in the right place at the right time.,鬣狗已经到场The hyena are coming in already.,难以置信的速度Incredibly fast.,捕猎技术高超 却如此脆弱An amazing hunter,跟拍猎豹数月后After months following the cheetahs...,团队捕捉到科学界从未见过的行为the team captured behaviors new to science.,借此And in doing so...,也揭示了revealed a secret nocturnal side...,这些标志性非洲猫科动物的秘密夜生活to these iconic African cats.......

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