夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第4集中英字幕下载-4K电影

夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第4集中英字幕下载

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电影:夜色中的地球 第一季 (Earth at Night in Color Season 1)




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 一个暗影重重的世界 那里藏着地球上超过一半的动物A shadowy world that hides more than half the animals on our planet.,在过去的镜头中 我们只能匆匆一瞥动物的生活Until now,但凭借新一代科技But with next-generation technology,我们眼中的夜晚和白天一样清晰we can see the night as clear as day.,有了比人类眼睛敏感100倍的摄像机With cameras a hundred times more sensitive than the human eye...,我们终于能够捕捉到夜晚的美we can now capture the beauty of night...,以全真色彩in color.,怪谲的自然风光Alien landscapes.,在黑夜里活跃的奇特生物Strange creatures brought to life by the darkness.,前所未见的行为Unseen behaviors.,现在我们能追踪动物的生活Now we can follow the lives of animals,前往地球最后的荒野in Earth's last true wilderness.,夜The night.,在北极圈的边缘地带 有一片如梦如幻的荒野On the edge of the Arctic Circle,北欧针叶林Europe's boreal forest.,此地的纬度如此之高 冬夜可长达20小时It's so far north that in winter,这片林地栖居着踪迹神秘的熊群This woodland is home to a population of secretive bears,它们的一辈子几乎都在黑暗中度过that lives most of their lives in the dark.,但现在 有了低光度摄像机But now,我们能看见它们的夜间世界we can see their nighttime world...,就如白昼一样清晰as if it were day.,冬日接近尾声It's late winter,一只形单影只的棕熊从冬眠中苏醒and a lone brown bear is emerging from hibernation.,这是一只年轻的公熊 名叫埃尔瓦A young male called Alvar.,过去六个月 它一直没进食He hasn't eaten for the last six months...,体重轻了三分之一and has lost a third of his body weight.,现在它挂念的事只有觅食Now his sole focus is finding food.,从冬眠中苏醒后After waking from hibernation,棕熊每天晚上需要摄入八千卡路里brown bears need to eat 8,但在一年中的这个时节 周遭的食物甚少But at this time of year,在雪地里搜刮...Scraping through the snow...,埃尔瓦寻找植物根芽Alvar searches for shoots and roots.,为了恢复体力 它需要肉类To get his strength back,但寻找肉类意味着冒险But finding it will mean taking risks.,在埃尔瓦冬眠期间While Alvar's been hibernating,一种夜行性捕猎者霸占了这片林地one nocturnal predator has had these woods to themselves.,灰狼Gray wolves.,灰狼在夜间集体捕猎Hunting together at night,它们能够捕杀体型是自己五倍大的猎物they can take down prey five times their size.,两头狼正吞食驼鹿尸体Two wolves are devouring a moose carcass.,它们会凶狠地护食They'll fiercely defend their food,一个狼群能合作杀死一头年轻的熊and as a pack,但今晚 埃尔瓦若想饱腹 这是它唯一的希望But tonight,它的最佳方案是偷偷摸摸靠近His best chance is to sneak in...,从狼群眼皮底下偷走食物and try and steal from them.,用人类的眼睛很难辨别出它的身影To the human eye,但我们可以借助低光度摄像机 看看这场夜晚大戏如何上演But low-light cameras allow us to see how this nocturnal drama unfolds,这是前所未见的画面for the first time.,埃尔瓦等待狼群回到狼窝Alvar waits for the wolves to head back to their den.,它们随时都可能回来They could return at any moment.,空腹六个月后 它终于吃到第一餐After six months of fasting,棕熊每顿饭能吃40公斤肉Brown bears can eat 40 kilos of meat in a single sitting.,但埃尔瓦没能吃太久But Alvar doesn't get long to feed.,在饥饿的驱动下Driven by hunger...,它做出这辈子最冒险的一个举动he takes one of the biggest gambles of his young life.,它偷了一块肉 转身逃向树林He steals a chunk of meat and breaks for the safety of the woods.,埃尔瓦逃入黑暗深处Alvar escapes into the darkness.,要想增强体格 最有效的方式是 在接下来的几周继续偷食腐肉His best chance of bulking up will be to keep scavenging in the weeks ahead.,在漫长黑暗的冬夜里 针叶林上方的夜空In the long,有地球上最奇幻的一种景象hosts one of Earth's most magical wonders.,北极光The northern lights.,根据当地的传说 这是由火狐这种神秘生物创造的Local legend has it they're created by a mythical creature called the firefox...,火狐在雪地穿行 速度如此之快that runs so fast across the snow,以至于卷起了火花 飞上夜空that it kicks up sparks into the night sky.,每年有200个夜晚 这些闪烁的奇光照亮这片树林These shimmering lights illuminate this forest 200 nights of the year.,从冬日进入春天 夜晚变短了As late winter gives way to spring,虽然看起来像暮光 但没有低光度摄像机It may look like twilight,眼前几乎是漆黑一片it's almost pitch-black.,黑暗保护着埃尔瓦和其他栖居在此地的熊Alvar and the other bears that live here have found refuge in the darkness.,据说这些北欧的熊大多在夜间行动It's believed these bears of Northern Europe are largely nocturnal...,原因是我们人类because of us.,数百年来 人类猎杀熊They've been hunted by man for hundreds of years,所以它们知道黑夜是最安全的时间and have learned that night is the safest time.,将体内生物钟调整为天黑后才行动By shifting their body clocks to come out after dark...,它们就能在这里存活下去they've been able to survive here.,过去四周For the last four weeks,埃尔瓦每天晚上孜孜不倦地寻找食物Alvar has spent every night tirelessly looking for food,已经开始增重了and is starting to pile on the pounds.,它现在要将重心转移到求偶这件事上Now he's turning his attention to finding a partner.,这里的母熊体型略小一点 通常比公熊毛色浅Females are slightly smaller and often lighter in color than the males here.,埃尔瓦七岁左右For Alvar,这也许是它第一次找到配偶this could be one of the first seasons he finds a mate.,但求偶的单身汉不止它一个But he's not the only eligible bachelor.,这只重达四分之一吨的公熊 毫无疑问是重量型选手Weighing in at a quarter of a ton,它的体型如此庞大He's so huge...,较小的对手甚至不敢靠近它smaller rivals don't dare come near him.,在同一个季节里 它能拥有多达八位不同的配偶In a single season,母熊的体型可能只有它的一半Females can be just half his size.,但在求偶这件事上But it seems when it comes to mating...,似乎是母熊说了算they call the shots.,就连最大的熊也难免遭拒Even the largest bears sometimes face rejection.,埃尔瓦没有大熊的力气Alvar lacks the strength of bigger bears.,但它有特别的追求方式But he has a different way of wooing a mate.,它要的是长期关系He's after a longer-term relationship.,夜复一夜 它在黑暗的树林里穿行Night after night,直到…Until...,从阴影处from out of the shadows...,它看见一位潜在配偶he spots a potential partner..
    如果想成功 埃尔瓦必须谨慎行动If Alvar is going to have any luck,一开始 母熊似乎不感兴趣At first,较小的公熊可能会花两周以上的时间 追逐潜在配偶Smaller males can spend more than two weeks following a potential mate.,母熊最愿接受求偶的时段只有四个晚上And females are most receptive for just four nights.,所以埃尔瓦必须紧紧跟在它身旁So Alvar must stick by her side...,无论它去哪儿都跟着wherever she goes.,玩耍打架是熊求偶过程的一个环节Play-fighting is part of bear courtship...,也说明它开始赢得母熊的好感了and a sign he's starting to win her affections.,连续六个夜晚 它都伴在母熊身旁For six nights,母熊终于拜倒在它的魅力之下And she finally falls for his charms.,随着春天转为夏天 针叶林也转变了As spring turns to summer,过去夜晚长达20小时While there was once 20 hours of night...,现在则是白天长达20小时there's now 20 hours of daylight.,即使是夏天 短暂的黑暗Even in summer,对于和埃尔瓦一样居住在此地的熊群而言 也是格外宝贵的are precious to the community of bears that Alvar shares his home with.,尤其是幼崽Especially young cubs.,对于这些六个月大的熊崽而言 夜晚是探索新世界的最佳时机For these 6-month-olds,但是必须在母亲关心的注视下进行under the watchful eye of their mother.,这里的幼崽较常在黑暗时分玩耍The youngsters here play more in the hours of darkness,因为这是它们感觉最安全的时间because this is when they feel most at ease.,它们的玩耍方式很不寻常And they do it in an unusual way.,它们几乎不发一声They're almost completely silent.,据说通过这种方式 这些神秘的熊It's believed to be a way for these secretive bears,能够避免在夜晚遇到捕猎者to avoid predators at night.,但是玩耍时间是短暂的But playtime doesn't last long.,黎明马上就要来临With dawn soon on its way,这个家庭该回到树林安全的怀抱里了it's time for this family to disappear deeper into the safety of the forest.,很快 由夏转秋Summer soon gives way to autumn,夜晚又变长了and the nights start getting longer again.,过去六个月 这个树林里的熊For the last six months,忙于增加体重 为冬眠做准备have been busy feeding up,现在 我们快认不出小埃尔瓦了And now little Alvar is almost unrecognizable.,它的体型是原来的两倍大He has doubled in size...,重了150公斤piling on 150 kilos...,它仍然很贪吃and he's still ravenous.,在冬眠前最后的几周里 熊的胃口大增In the final weeks before hibernation,每天能吃两万卡路里and can eat 20,埃尔瓦知道哪里能找到这么多食物And Alvar knows exactly where to find them.,狼群现在增加到七只了The wolf pack is now seven strong.,六个月前 一只狼就能吓退它Six months ago,现在它无所畏惧Now,它有力量 也有信心 能够让整个狼群吓得四散而去He has the strength and confidence to send the whole pack scattering.,它将吞噬这个尸体He will feed on this carcass...,直到饱得再也吃不下until he's full to bursting.,最后一顿美餐One last meal...,然后气温就要骤降了before the temperature plummets.,埃尔瓦出发去寻找睡眠地点And Alvar heads off to search for a place to sleep...,在睡梦中度过地球上最漫长的夜晚through some of the longest nights on Earth.,"夜色中的地球"团队 遇到的最艰难挑战之一One of the toughest challenges faced by the Earth at Night team,就是追寻北极光was chasing the northern lights.,为了拍摄北极光 延时摄像师里库卡尔亚莱宁To film them,必须首先寻找没有一丝光亮的夜空would first have to go in search of night skies that are truly dark.,城镇附近的光污染挺严重的There's quite a lot of light pollution out near the cities and towns,所以我开到尽可能远的地方 寻找完美的黑暗地点so driving as far as I can to find,就连过往车辆的车头灯 都会毁掉一次完美的拍摄Even the headlights of passing cars could ruin a perfect shot.,所以里库必须依靠滑雪板 完成最后的一段路So the last part of Riku's journey would have to be made on skis.,他的背上有30公斤的拍摄器材 这可不是易事With 30 kilos of filming gear on his back,祝我好运吧So,前面还有8公里It's an eight-kilometer journey ahead...,深入黑暗further into the darkness.,现今世界上超过80%的人口 住在有灯光污染的地区Today,寻找黑暗的天空需要花很大功夫Finding dark skies can take a huge amount of effort.,在深雪中行走太难了So,真难It's hard.,经过四小时的跋涉After four hours of trekking,里库终于到达理想拍摄地点 开始工作Riku finally makes it to the ideal filming spot and sets to work.,但夜里温度下降至摄氏零下20度But with temperatures dropping to minus 20 degrees Celsius at night,这对于拍摄器材和里库都是严峻的考验this would test the filming gear and Riku to their limits.,我越来越冷 快不能说话了I'm getting way too cold to speak.,摄像机终于安置好 他现在只能等待和保持希望With his camera finally set,他需要晴朗的天空He needs the perfect combination of cloudless skies,和足够的北极光这两种条件as well as good activity from the northern lights.,他总是付出巨大的努力却空手而归All too often,我只能启动计时器 抱最好的希望I just... Better to put the timers on and hope for the best.,经过20个不断试错的夜晚After 20 nights of trial and error...,里库终于拍到他曾记录过的最美奇观之一Riku captures one of the most stunning displays he's ever recorded.,对我来说 北极光最美的一点是For me,看见各种颜色在舞蹈are seeing the colors dancing.,我竟能在自己的家乡 目睹这一切 真难以置信It's quite amazing that I'm able to witness all this on my own backyard.,远离人类城镇的灯光So far from the lights of our towns and cities,北欧针叶林上空的黑暗天空 是世界上最适合the dark skies of Europe's boreal forest are one of the best places on Earth...,观看黑夜里最壮观奇景的地方to see the night's greatest spectacle.......

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