夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第2集中英字幕下载-4K电影

夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第2集中英字幕下载

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电影:夜色中的地球 第一季 (Earth at Night in Color Season 1)




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夜色中的地球 第一季 Earth at Night in Color Season 1(2020)第2集中英字幕下载预览

 夜The night.,一个暗影重重的世界 那里藏着地球上超过一半的动物A shadowy world that hides more than half the animals on our planet.,在过去的镜头中 我们只能匆匆一瞥动物的生活Until now,但凭借新一代科技But with next-generation technology,我们眼中的夜晚和白天一样清晰we can see the night as clear as day.,有了比人类眼睛敏感100倍的摄像机With cameras a hundred times more sensitive than the human eye...,我们终于能够捕捉到夜晚的美we can now capture the beauty of night...,以全真色彩in color.,怪谲的自然风光Alien landscapes.,在黑夜里活跃的奇特生物Strange creatures brought to life by the darkness.,前所未见的行为Unseen behaviors.,现在我们能追踪动物的生活Now we can follow the lives of animals,前往地球最后的荒野in Earth's last true wilderness.,夜The night.,在东南亚的丛林 太阳落山了Sunset over the jungles of Southeast Asia.,地球上其中一个最古老的雨林And one of the oldest rain forests on the planet,将要经历一个奇妙的转变is about to undergo an extraordinary transformation.,随着日暮降临As dusk draws in...,白天活跃的动物歇息了the day shift comes to an end.,但在热带 夜间活动的动物But here in the tropics,比地球上任何地方都多than anywhere else on Earth.,它们的故事和这个神秘世界的秘密 一直是一个谜Their stories and the secrets of this ghostly world have been a mystery...,直到现在until now.,在一棵巨型绞杀无花果树 交错蜿蜒的树根深处Deep in the twisted roots of a giant strangler fig tree...,在看不见的地方hidden from view...,栖居着也许可称为 世界上最奇特的夜行生物lives,幽灵眼镜猴The spectral tarsier.,这是一种体型极小的灵长类动物 几乎还没网球大Tiny primates barely larger than a tennis ball.,这个紧密的眼镜猴家族三代同堂This close-knit family is three generations together.,祖父母The grandparents...,它们的成年孩子their grown-up kids...,和两只小小的新成员and two tiny new arrivals.,最小的是一只胆小的眼镜猴 只有两周大The youngest,它仍需要母亲哺乳still feeding on his mother's milk.,它有个年纪较大的表哥And his older cousin,五周大的它刚学会行走Five weeks old,迫不及待地想知道 眼镜猴的生活是怎么样的Eager to discover exactly how tarsier life works.,保护两个幼崽平安度过接下来的漫漫长夜Just keeping these two youngsters safe through the long night ahead...,将是一个骇人的挑战will be a daunting challenge.,眼镜猴一家面临着严峻的挑战The family have definitely got their work cut out.,每天晚上 眼镜猴的第一个任务Each night,是一种略特别的个人身体清理is a bit of unusual personal grooming.,拽耳朵Ear tugging.,看起来很疼 但这是猎食前的重要准备工作It looks painful,清理耳朵可提高它们灵敏的听觉priming their ears to maximize their sensitive hearing.,每个家庭成员都有自己的独特清理方式Each family member has its own unique way of doing it.,有的成员清理得格外彻底Some more thorough than others.,接下来就是捕食时间Next... it's time to hunt.,眼镜猴的夜间视力比人类强100倍Tarsier night vision is a hundred times better than ours.,但是有了低光度摄像机But now,我们能看到它们的夜间世界can see their nocturnal world...,和它们眼中的一样清晰as clearly as they do.,每个夜晚 眼镜猴必须吃下 相当于自身重量十分之一的昆虫Each night,如果要为小猴哺乳 那就得多吃三分之一One-third again if they're feeding a little one.,在舒适的树木之家上From the safety of his home tree,五周大的小猴看着大猴们外出捕食the five-week-old watches on as the adults hunt.,几周后 它就得完全靠自己捕食了In just a few weeks' time,有许多要学习的东西There's lots to learn.,它必须学会使用卫星锅状的耳朵He must master his satellite-dish ears,分别移动两侧耳朵 在黑暗中接收微小的声音moving each one independently to pick up tiny sounds in the dark.,接下来是它有如大光圈镜头的眼睛Next,成年后 眼镜猴的一只眼睛就比大脑大Once fully grown,它必须学会倾斜脑袋以判断距离He must learn to tilt his head to judge distance.,对于成年猴而言 这能帮助它们极精准地扑击For the adults,还有最后一课And there's one final lesson.,在眼镜猴一家进餐时At family mealtimes...,原则是先到...it's first come...,先得first served.,眼镜猴一家该深入森林了It's time for the family to venture deeper into the forest.,小猴子太小了 无法进行远距离旅行The little ones are too small to travel far.,所以它们需要母亲带着它们So they rely on their mothers to carry them...,方式是放在嘴里in their mouths.,这可不容易No easy task.,五分之一的眼镜猴宝宝 在出生一个月内丧命One in five tarsier babies are lost in their first month.,所以对于两周大的小宝宝而言So for the tiny two-week-old...,离开安全的树木之家leaving the safety of the family tree...,是向前跨出了巨大的一步is a giant step.,过去从未在森林这么深的地方 拍摄眼镜猴一家Filming the family deeper in the forest than ever before...,我们终于能揭开秘密 看看眼镜猴如何保护幼崽安全度过夜晚we can now see the secret way tarsiers keep their young safe through the night.,不是一只Not just one...,而是两只眼镜猴宝宝but two tarsier babies...,留在原地 藏在同一棵树上left hidden in the same tree.,以往的镜头从未捕捉到 这样的迷你眼镜猴育儿所A tiny tarsier nursery,两个表兄弟互相关照Two cousins watching each other's backs...,让成年猴腾出时间去捕食leaving the adults free to hunt.,但在天黑后现身的 饥饿捕猎者不只有眼镜猴But tarsiers aren't the only hungry predators to emerge after dark.,对于米纳草鸮来说 眼镜猴宝宝是美味大餐For a Minahassa masked owl,今晚会很漫长It's going to be a long night ahead.,天刚黑的几个小时里In the first hours of darkness...,并非所有生物都藏在暗影中not everything is hiding in the shadows.,沿着河流Along the waterways...,夜晚最美妙的奇观出现 树木也跟着活过来了the trees come alive with one of the night's greatest wonders.,萤火虫Fireflies.,最明亮的闪光来自寻找配偶的公萤火虫The brightest flashes are males looking for love.,一眼看上去 它们似乎没什么章法At first,每只萤火虫有自己的节奏Each working to their own beat.,但是渐渐地 它们的节奏开始同步But slowly,以相同的节奏闪着荧光 黑暗里的每一棵树都成了灯塔Flashing in unison.
    用这场让人迷醉的表演吸引母萤火虫Drawing in females with this hypnotic display.,当母萤火虫接近时 公萤火虫的闪光会变强As a female approaches,镜头捕捉到的细节令人惊叹Captured in astonishing detail...,我们能看到产生 这种魔法般生物光的化学反应We can see the chemical reaction that creates this magical bioluminescence.,当满月升起 月光笼罩森林As a full moon rises,这场炫目的表演结束了And this dazzling display comes to an end.,对于眼镜猴来说 满月意味着危险For the tarsiers,更多亮光意味着它们能去森林更深处探索The extra light allows them to venture deeper into the forest,能比其他时间走得更远than at any other time.,但它们越深入But the further they go,就越可能遇到捕猎者the more likely they are to run into predators.,大胆冒险Taking a chance...,这些爬树能手们these tree-climbing specialists...,做出意想不到的举动do something unexpected.,它们从安全的高枝上落下They drop from the safety of the branches...,想突击地面的生物to ambush creatures on the ground.,对于这些小灵长类动物而言For these tiny primates,森林的地面到处是美食the forest floor is packed with treats.,而在树枝高处High above,藏着两只眼镜猴宝宝 它们俯瞰着在地面觅食的家人the two tarsier babies watch their family foraging below.,五周大的小猴The five-week-old...,几乎能靠自己捕食了is almost ready to start hunting for himself.,它仍在学习如何在森林里穿梭He's still mastering how to move through the forest.,但它已经够大了 能够认出好吃的零食But he is old enough to recognize a tasty snack when he sees one.,一顿口感丰富的美餐A rich feast...,对于饥饿的小猴来说 诱惑太大了too tempting for a hungry youngster.,但是在晚上But at night...,要想捕食 必须身手敏捷you've got to be quick to catch your prey.,一只巨大的苏拉威西塔兰托毒蛛 抢走了它的美餐A giant Sulawesi tarantula takes this meal.,在危机四伏的森林里In a forest full of dangers...,小猴子必须学会跳跃it's time for the youngster to make one of his very first leaps...,才能回到母亲安全的怀抱back to the protection of mum.,眼镜猴并非受益于满月的唯一动物Tarsiers aren't the only animals taking advantage of the full moon.,在丛林的一个瀑布下At a jungle waterfall...,两个敌人正在打量对方two rivals are sizing each other up.,黑斑岩蛙占据了一处极佳的进食位置A black-spotted rock frog has secured a prime feeding position.,但一群体型更大的沙巴溅蛙 也觊觎它的地盘But a gang of bigger Sabah splash frogs are after his spot.,通常 一声尖锐的呼唤就能喝退它们Normally,但在瀑布旁边But next to a waterfall...,很难将声音传出去it's hard to make yourself heard.,所以它们使用一种秘密信号So they use a secret sign language.,它们向对方挥动蛙腿They wave at each other.,脚趾间的白色皮肤The white skin between their toes...,在月光下反射着光 这是一种警告glinting in the moonlight,但更大的溅蛙有一个特别招数But the bigger splash frog has a special move.,伸双腿大法The double-legger.,岩蛙不退缩The rock frog stands his ground.,双方都不退让And when neither of them back down...,只有一个办法一分胜负there's only one way to settle things.,这一次没有赢家This time,黑夜快到尽头了The night is almost over.,在高高的树冠中High in the canopy,两周大的小猴等待母亲捕食归来the tiny two-week-old waits for his mother to return from hunting.,在森林里独自等待Being all alone in the forest...,是很吓人的is a scary business.,一条网纹蟒A reticulated python.,成年蛇太重了 无法爬到高高的树冠处An adult snake would be too heavy to climb high into the canopy.,但这是一条幼蛇But this is a juvenile...,攀爬技术高超an excellent climber.,它此刻使用的肌肉 与缠绕猎物时使用的相同With the same muscles it would use to strangle its prey...,它能借此爬到最细的树枝上the snake can ascend the thinnest of branches.,不警觉的眼镜猴是完美的餐点Any unsuspecting tarsier would make the perfect meal.,但这些社会性的灵长类动物 有一种聪明的方式保护家庭安全But these social primates have a clever way to keep their family safe.,一旦发现入侵者 它们就发出警告声The moment they spot an intruder,三声急促的吱吱叫声Three rapid squeaks...,意思是最高级别的危险the call for the highest level of danger.,警告让成年猴聚集起来围攻蛇The alarm brings the adults together to mob the snake.,从一个枝头跳到另一个枝头Leaping from branch to branch,它们创造一种围攻者众多的假象they create the illusion of more attackers.,虽然有危险It may be risky...,但今晚but tonight...,这招成功了it works.,危险消除后Only once the danger has been seen off...,成年猴才会回来接幼崽do the adults return to collect their youngsters.,黎明渐渐来临As dawn approaches,眼镜猴一家回到安全的树木之家the family returns to the safety of the home tree.,六只成年猴Six adults...,一只五周大的顽皮小猴子第一次尝试捕食a mischievous five-week-old who tried hunting for the first time...,还有一只两周大的幼崽and a tiny two-week-old...,它存活过第一个外出之夜who survived one of his very first nights out...,在丛林深处deep in the jungle.,为了拍摄眼镜猴的夜生活To film the nocturnal lives of tarsiers...,"夜色中的地球"团队 深入东南亚森林深处the Earth at Night team traveled deep into the forests of Southeast Asia.,一支团队在地面上跟拍眼镜猴一家While one crew followed the tarsier family on the ground...,攀爬专家蒂姆佛格 则负责在夜里的树冠中拍摄specialist climber Tim Fogg was tasked with filming in the canopy at night.,树冠高达十层楼Ten stories up.,在白天做这件事没什么问题It's all very well doing this sort of thing in daylight,你能看清一切when you can see everything that's going on,但我们想在晚上拍摄but we're trying to take it on at night,这就有重重困难了and that adds layers and layers of problems.,你显然要俯视 什么都看不见You obviously look down. You can't see what's happening.,下面什么都没有You're holding it down on nothing.,为了拍摄片头的绞杀无花果树To get the opening shots of the strangler fig tree,团队必须将低光度摄像机 装在稳定滑轮装置上the team had to balance a low-light camera on a stabilized pulley system.,还是太重了 拿一些出来That's still too heavy. Take some out.,慢慢来 小心 好的 可以了Steady! Careful! Okay,摄像装备装好了With the rig ready to go...,蒂姆必须等待月亮升起 才有足够的光拍摄Tim had to wait for the moon to rise to give enough light to film.,在地面上On the ground,摄像师马克佩恩吉尔拍摄眼镜猴时cameraman Mark Payne-Gill prepared to film the tarsiers,准备使用经特别处理的镜头 这种镜头原本用于另一用途with a specially adapted lens,这种镜头的一个很大的优点是 它原本是The great thing about this lens is that it's designed......

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