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发条橙 A Clockwork Orange(1971)中英字幕下载

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 ( 斯坦利·库布利克作品 ),发 条 橙,那是我There was me.,艾力克斯 和我的三个死党That is, Alex, and my three droogs.,彼特、乔治和迪姆That is, Pete, Georgie and Dim.,我们坐在可罗瓦奶吧And we sat in the Korova Milk Bar...,试着决定...trying to make up our rassoodocks...,晚上要做些什么... what to do with the evening.,可罗瓦奶吧卖的是特级牛奶The Korova Milk Bar sold milk plus.,牛奶加上菲罗赛 或 辛乐梅 或 瑞克隆 ﹙药物﹚Milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom...,这就是我们在喝的... which is what we were drinking.,它会让人精神振奋This would sharpen you up...,准备来一点超暴力...and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.,在都柏林可爱的城市In Dublin 's fair city,女孩们都如此美丽Where the girls are so pretty,我第一眼望见的I first set my eyes,哦!甜蜜的茉莉梅隆On sweet Molly Malone,当她推着她的推车As she wheeled her wheelbarrow,穿过大街小巷Through streets broad and narrow,叫卖着“海扇Crying cockles,还有壳菜..”And mussels....,我无忍受的一件事One thing I could never stand...,就是看到肮脏的老酒鬼... was to see a filthy, dirty old drunkie...,大声唱着他老子的肮脏歌曲...howling away at the filthy songs of his fathers...,中间还夹着“咘啦咘啦”的声音...and going "blerp blerp " in between...,像是他发臭的身体里的肮脏乐团...as it might be a filthy, old orchestra in his stinking guts.,不管他年纪如何 我没法忍受看见有人这个样子I could never stand to see anyone like that, whatever his age.,尤其是当他真的很老,像是这一位But more especially when he was real old, like this one was.,可以赏点钱吗?我的兄弟Can you spare some cutter, me brothers?,来呀!宰了我,你们这些杂种懦夫 反正我不想活了Go on ! Do me in, you bastard cowards!,我不想再活下去了I don't want to live anyway.,在这样一个发臭的世界里Not in a stinking world like this.,哦?这世界有什么这么臭?And what's so stinking about it?,这是个发臭的世界 因为不再有法律和秩序!It's a stinking world because there's no law and order anymore!,它很臭 这世界任由年轻人去教训老年人...It stinks because it lets the young get onto the old. . .,就像你们做的!. . .Like you done!,这世界再也容不下老头子It's no world for an old man any longer.,这是个什么样的世界?What kind of a world is it at all?,人类到了月球Men on the moon .,绕着地球旋转Men spinning around the earth .,但却没有人注意到And there's not no attention paid. . .,地球已没有法律和秩序. . .to earthly law and order no more.,哦,亲爱的土地Oh dear land,我为你而战I fought for thee,在废弃的赌场 我们碰上了比利仔...It was at the derelict casino that we came across Billy-boy...,和他的四个死党...and his four droogs.,他们正准备对一位哭泣的少女..They were about to perform a little of the old...,在那做原始抽送运动...in-out, in-out on a weepy young devotchka they had there.,那不就是Well, if it isn't. . .,那个又胖又臭.... . .fat, stinking. . .,嗑药嗑过头的比利色鬼吗?. . .Billy goat Billy-boy in poison .,你好吗?How are thou . . .,你这坨又贱又臭的回锅油. . .thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip-oil?,有种来挑一场...Come and get one in the yarbles. . .,如果你还有卵蛋的话. . .if you have any yarbles. . .,你这个被阉的窝囊废. . .you eunuch jelly, thou .,兄弟,干掉他们!Let's get them, boys!,警察!The police!,快,我们走!Come on . Let's go!,杜兰戈95的引擎声真是棒极了The Durango 95 purred away real horrorshow.,美好温暖的颤动感传遍全身A nice warm vibratey feeling all through your guttiwuts.,很快进入了黑暗的树林,我的兄弟Soon it was trees and dark, my brothers...,真正乡间的黑暗... with real country dark.,我们和其它夜间的旅者胡闹了一番We fillied around with other travelers of the night...,在路上横冲直撞...playing Hogs of the Road.,然后我们向西走Then we headed west.,接下来我们要来个出其不意的拜访What we were after now was the old surprise visit.,这才是真正刺激的...That was a real kick...,超暴力的愉悦与冲击...and good for laughs and lashing of the old ultra-violent.,﹙家﹚,见鬼了,那会是谁?Who on earth could that be?,我去看看I'll go and see.,是的,是哪位?Yes, who is it?,对不起,可以帮帮忙吗? 发生了一件可怕的意外!Excuse me, can you please help? There's been a terrible accident!,我朋友快流血而死了! 我可以用你的电话吗?My friend's bleeding to death ! Can I please use your telephone?,我们没有电话 你必需到别的地方We don't have a telephone. You'll have to go somewhere else.,但,夫人,这是攸关生死But, missus, it's a matter of life and death !,亲爱的,是谁?Who is it, dear?,一个年轻人 他说发生了意外A young man . He says there's been an accident.,他想要用电话He wants to use the telephone.,我想你最好让他进来I suppose you better let him in .,可以等一下吗?Wait a minute, will you?,对不起,但我们通常不让陌生人进来I' m sorry, but we don't usually let strangers in--,你们到底要干什么?What do you want from me?,彼特,检查房子的其它地方,迪姆...Right, Pete, check the rest of the house. Dim.,我在雨中欢唱I'm singing in the rain,就这么在雨中欢唱Just singing in the rain,多么愉快的感觉What a glorious feeling,我又快乐起来I'm happy again,我嘲笑天上的云I'm laughing at clouds,如此地凄黑So dark up above,阳光在我的心中The sun's in my heart,我准备好迎接爱And I'm ready for love,让那暴云追来Let the stormy clouds chase,四周的每个人Everyone from the place,来迎接这场雨Come on with the rain,我脸上挂着微笑I've a smile on my face,我走在路上I'll walk down the lane.
    哼着快乐的旋律With a happy refrain,我欢唱着And I'm singing,就这么欢唱着Just singing...,在雨中...in the rain,看仔细,小兄弟Viddy well, little brother.,看仔细Viddy well .,这个晚上小小发泄了一些精力We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed...,我们都感到有点疲累和烦心...it having been an evening of some small energy expenditure.,所以我们下了车So we got rid of the auto...,到可罗瓦来睡前小酌...and stopped at the Korova for a nightcap.,嗨,露西Hello, Lucy.,忙了一整晚?Had a busy night?,我们也工作的很卖力We've been working hard too.,不好意思,露西Pardon me, Luce.,角落有一些电视台的人,,,There was some sophistos from the TV studios around the corner...,有说有笑地...laughing and govoreeting.,那女人尽情地笑The devotchka smeched away...,毫不为这邪恶的世界操心...not caring about the wicked world one bit.,音响上的唱片播放完毕Then the disk on the stereo twanged off and out.,在下首歌之前的短暂寂静And in the short silence before the next one came on...,她突然高声唱了起来...she suddenly came with a burst of singing.,一时之间,我的兄弟,活像是...And it was, like, for a moment, my brothers...,奶吧里飞来了一只大鸟...some great bird had flown into the milk bar.,我感觉全身的寒毛...And I felt all the malenky little hairs on my plott...,都竖立了起来...standing endwise.,泠颤像缓慢的小蜥蝪,爬上...And the shivers crawling up like slow, malenky lizards...,又再爬下...and then down again.,因为我知道她在唱什么Because I knew what she sang.,那是路德维范﹙贝多芬﹚ 第九交响曲的片段It was a bit from the glorious 9th, by Ludwig van.,你干嘛那样?What did you do that for?,因为你是个没有规矩的杂种For being a bastard with no manners.,不懂如何在大众场合举止合宜Without a dook of an idea about how to comport yourself public-wise.,我不喜欢你做的事I don't like you should do what you done.,我再不是也不愿是你的兄弟And I' m not your brother no more and wouldn't want to be.,说话小心Watch that.,说话请小心点,Do watch that. . .,如果你还想要命的话. . .if to continue to be on live thou dost wish .,混蛋!Yarbles!,你这又大又圆的卵蛋!Great, bouncy yarblockos to you !,我会带链子或刀子或刺刀随时候教I'll meet you with chain or nozh or britva anytime.,我不会让你无故打我I' m not having you aiming tolchocks at me reasonless.,没有理由我该被打的It stands to reason, I won't have it.,什么时间拿刀对干,你说了算A nozh scrap anytime you say.,呼Doobidoob.,我或许有点累了A bit tired maybe.,最好别再多说Best not to say more.,现在该去睡了Bedways is rightways now .,我们还是回家睡一觉So best we go homeways and get a bit of spatchka.,是吧?对Right, right?,我和我父母住的地方...Where I lived was with my dada and mum...,是在直北18A的国宅公寓区...in municipal flat block 18-A Linear North.,今晚过得很愉快It had been a wonderful evening.,要为夜晚划下完美的句点 我需要的是...And what I needed now to give it the perfect ending...,来一点路德维范﹙贝多芬﹚... was a bit of the old Ludwig van.,哦,恩赐!Oh, bliss!,上帝的恩赐Bliss and heaven!,炫丽美妙的具体呈现It was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh.,像是一只由珍稀的天堂之石铸成的鸟It was like a bird of rarest spun, heaven metal.,或像是银色佳酿在宇宙飞船中流动Or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship...,重力再也无关紧要...gravity all nonsense now.,我一边听着As I slooshied...,一边想像着如此美妙的景像...l knew such lovely pictures.,艾力克斯,艾力克斯?Alex. Alex!,你要干什么?What do you want?,已经过了八点,艾力克斯It's past 8 :00, Alex.,你不想上学迟到吧,儿子You don't want to be late for school, son .,妈,我的头有点痛Bit of a pain in the gulliver, Mum.,别管我 我睡一下看会不会好一点Leave us be, and I'll try and sleep it off.,等下我就会生龙活虎And then I'll be as right as dodgers for this after.,但你整个星期没有上学了,儿子But you've not been to school all week, son .,我要休息,妈Got to rest, Mum.,身体才会好一点Got to get fit.,否则我会错过更多堂课Otherwise I' m liable to miss a lot more school .,我把你的早餐放在烤箱里I'll put your breakfast in the oven .,现在我该出门了I've got to be off meself now .,好的,妈All right, Mum.,祝你在工厂度过愉快的一天Have a nice day at the factory.,爸,他今早又感觉不太舒服He's not feeling too good again this morning, Dad.,是,是,我听到了Yes. Yes, I heard.,你知道他几时回来的吗?You know what time he got in?,不,我不知道 我吃了安眠药No, I don't. I'd taken me sleepers.,我想知道...I wonder. . .,他晚上究竟到哪去工作?. . .where exactly is it he goes to work of evenings.,如他说的..Like he says. . .,他做的大多是一些怪事. . .it's mostly odd things he does.,可能是...Helping-like. . .,这里帮个忙,那里帮个忙. . .here and there as it might be.,嗨嗨嗨,戴托先生Hi, hi, hi, Mr. Deltoid.,看见你在这真是惊奇Funny surprise, seeing you here.,艾力克斯,Alex-boy.,终于醒了?Awake at last, yes?,我在上班途中遇见你的母亲,是吧?I met your mother on the way to work, yes?,她给了我钥匙She gave me the key.,她说你有地方在痛She said something about a pain somewhere.,所以,不在学校,是吗?Hence not at school, yes?,相当难受的头疼,先生A rather intolerable pain in the head, brother sir.,我想在午餐之后会没事It should be clear by this afterlunch .,是的,或许晚上就完全没事了Or certainly by this evening, yes.,夜晚是美妙的时光,是吧?艾力克斯The evening's the great time, isn't it, Alex-boy?,-先生,来杯茶吧? -没空,没空-Cup of the old chai, sir? -No time, no time, yes.,坐,坐,坐Sit, sit, sit!,我何等荣幸受如此礼遇?To what do I owe this extreme pleasure, sir?......

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