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海角擒凶 Saboteur中英字幕下载

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 海角擒凶,狼来了Here come the wolves.,哦,瓶颈路段 罗斯福应该听说过这里Uh-oh. Bottleneck. Mr. Roosevelt should hear of this.,对不起,希望你没受伤I'm sorry. Hope you didn't hurt yourself.,我朋友已说对不起My friend says he's sorry.,好的Okay.,这显示金发女郎可影响国家安危That shows what a blonde can do to hold up national defense.,好小子Nice, pleasant guy.,是一百块Man ! Gee, a hundred bucks.,他们总是这样的[ Whistles ] So that's what they look like.,他去了哪里?Where'd he go ?,不知道,不知他叫什么名字I don't know. Uh-- I wonder what his name is.,且慢,我在信封上见到I saw it on the envelope. Uh...,富礼,对了,是福礼Fry. That's it. Fry.,富礼你怎知道我的名字?Fry. How do you know my name ?,你何需介怀我如何知你的名字?What do you care how I know your name ?,我在你丢的信封上看见I saw it on one of the envelopes you dropped.,这是属于你的Here's something that belongs to you.,是油漆房The paint shop !,会像炸药爆炸It'll go up like dynamite! Here. Take this one.,我也要救火,拿个灭火筒给我What about me ? Don't I get to play too ? You get another. Right!,我看见那两个小伙子So I see these two kids.,我对他们呼叫,灭火花洒失灵And I yell at them, ''The sprinklers are busted.,惨剧随即发生The whole shootin' match will go up.'',他俩冲入火场And they run right in, the both of them.,当我回头望时,最后目睹的…And the last thing I saw when I looked back...,是其中一人将灭火筒交给另一人was one kid give the extinguisher to the other kid,,然后更是一片火海and then it was just like all hell comes up.,这是我目睹的一切That's all I see.,附近有其他人吗?Was there anybody else around?,没有,只有那两人….No. Just the two kids:,那拿着灭火筒及递筒给他的人the poor kid with the extinguisher and the one who give it to him.,谢谢你,罗渣士,多谢你帮忙Thank you, Rogers. We appreciate all you've done.,我们不再耽误你的时间了We needn't keep you any longer now.,快去医治你的手伤吧Take care of those hands.,下一位是谁?Who've you got next ?,有一位叫巴利坚尼的人在等候There's a fellow Barry Kane waiting.,召巴利坚尼进来Send Barry Kane in.,巴利坚尼Barry Kane !,你不必紧张All right. Just take it easy.,我们只是问你几个问题We only want to ask you a couple of questions.,是例行的查问A routine checkup.,我会尽我所能去帮你Well, I want to do anything I can to help.,好极,可否告诉我们Sure. Now, suppose you tell us,火警发生时你身在何处?where you were when the fire started.,我是最先冲入火场的人Well, I was one of the first to rush in.,当时灭火系统失灵The sprinkler systems weren't working.,有谁跟你一起入火场?[ Investigator ] Who else was with you ?,只有我和一个叫富礼的人There was just myself, a fellow named Fry and my friend...,还有我朋友简美臣继续Ken Mason.,富礼将灭火筒递给我[ Investigator ] Go on. Fry handed me an extinguisher.,我冲向火团and I started running toward the fire.,我将灭火筒交给简I gave it to Ken.,然后,他…[ Inhales ] And then he--,你轻松点,问完了Okay. Take it easy. That's all.,你到外面稍候,我们会再需要你Just stick around for a while. We may need you.,去找富礼Send for Fry.,去找一个叫富礼的男子Get hold of a fellow called Fry.,他们怎样做?问你很多问题?What'd they do, ask you a lot of questions ?,你目睹一切,实在很难过Hardly any. Gee, it's awful tough going. seeing it happen in front of you.,对,很难过Yeah, it is tough.,简美臣是你的好友吗?Ken Mason was your pal, too. wasn't he ?,是Yeah.,他已婚吗?不,他跟母亲同住Was he married ? No. He was living with his mother.,她一定会很难过了Must be pretty tough on her.,对不起,我迟些再找你Sorry, fellows. I'll see you later.,美臣太太Hello, Mrs. Mason.,他们…他们不让我见他They-- They wouldn't let me see him.,实在很难相信,事情发生得很快It's awful hard to believe. It happened so quick.,为什么?只是今晨…Why, only this morning-- Please !,请你别再提此事Please don't talk about it now. [ Sighs ],我有什么可以帮你?Anything I can do ? Could I get you something ?,不,多谢你,暂时不必了No. No, thank you. Not now.,或许喝点拔兰地吧Maybe some brandy.,那可怜的心灵怎么了?How is the poor, dear soul ?,你是指美臣太太?她很伤心If you mean Mrs. Mason, she's feeling bad.,她当然会伤心,你知吗?Ah, well. She's every reason to.,他们竟不让她见他Do you know what ? They wouldn't even let her see him.,是她的独子啊!Her only son.,对,我知道Yes. I know.,我告诉她,她有权坚持要见儿子I told her to insist on seeing him.,我说我会坚持,她叫我滚I told her I would, and she as good as told me to get out !,我只不过想帮她,可怜的心灵Me ! That was only tryin' to help. The poor, dear soul.,可否告诉我何处可找到拔兰地?I think you can help,,喝点酒可帮她解忧愁if you'll get some brandy.,年青人,你跟我来You come with me, young man.,我家里存放着一点酒I have a little in the house.,美臣太太,对不起,打扰你了Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Mason,,我们正在找寻巴利坚尼,他…but we're looking for Barry Kane. Do you know him ?,他目前不在这里吗?He isn't here right now. is he ?,工厂的人说可在这里找到他They told us at the plant we might be able to find him here.,他不在,你要找他是关于什么?Well... what do you want to see him about ?,他惹上天大的麻烦He's in pretty bad trouble,,是什么?我想知道lady. What ? I'd like to know.,他涉及工厂的火警He was mixed up with that fire at the factory.,我…我不明白I-- I don't understand.,我们有也很多事情不明白[ Second Man ] There are a lot of things we don't understand either.,巴利为何会牵涉此事?But how is Barry involved in it ?.
    那灭火筒,似乎并非是意外That fire extinguisher. Seems it wasn't just an accident.,巴利递交的灭火筒装满电油It turns out that the extinguisher Barry Kane handed your son... was filled with gasoline. Oh !,你一定可以帮到我们[ Second Man ] You ought to be able to help us.,请提供线索,让我们找到坚尼Give us a lead on this guy Kane.,太太,这是我们到来搜查的原因Yeah. That's why we want to look around. Well-- Why--,我目前未能说些什么I can't talk about it now. I--,对不起,但你应知道…Yeah. Sorry, but, you see, there was--,若我是你,便不会给她太大压力I wouldn't give her too much of that. It often makes people weepy.,若再提起便会令她泣不成声…I know it affects me-- Yes, I've got to hurr back.,摩亚太太,我要回去了,谢谢你Thank you very much.,试一口吧,会令你舒服些的Try some of this, Mrs. Mason. It'll make you feel better.,刚才有两位探员到来There were two detectives just here.,他们在找你They were looking for you. For me ?,我猜他们要问我一些问题I guess they wanted to ask more questions.,我说我帮不了忙,来,试试看I said I'd help.Here. Try this.,不,他们是要拘捕你No. That wasn't it. They wanted to arrest you.,他们说你递交的灭火筒装满电油They said that the fire extinguisher that you handed to Kenneth... was filled with gasoline.,是你杀死他That you killed him.,我杀死他?That I killed--,他们疯了吗?我怎会这样做?Why, are they crazy ? Why would I want to do a thing--,我怎会?简是我最好的朋友Ken was my best friend !,他们有否问过富礼关于那灭火筒Haven't they talked to Fry about the extinguisher ?,他们说工厂没有雇用这个人They said that there was no such man employed at the plant.,但我见过他,见过两次Why, I saw him ! I saw him twice !,简见过他,我们在火场见过面Ken saw him too ! He was with us at the fire.,他将灭火筒递给我,简在开玩笑He handed me the extinguisher. Ken said,,说要帮忙''Don't I get to play too ?'',于是我将灭炎筒交给他He was kidding. I handed it to him.,我肯定富礼当时和我们一起Fry was right there with us, I'm sure !,他一定知道里面有电油的Why, he must have known there was gasoline in it.,他一定会知道He must have known !,他跟我们一起站着观看He stood right there with us and watched, that--,请你走吧Please go.,你不相信我吗?Don't you believe me ?,你认为我有份参与此事?Do you think I had something to do with this ?,我没有对警方讲任何说话I didn't tell the police anything.,我不知,实在太混淆及可怕了Oh, I don't know ! It's all so confused and so terrible.,我不明他们为何不去找富礼I don't know what they're talking about ! Why don't they get this fellow Fry ?,你最好快走You'd better go.,好的,我会走All right. I'll go.,我要去找富礼,定要找到他I've got to find Fry,,否则简不会是最后一个牺牲者or Ken won't be the last one to die.,他一定在里面,我看见他走进去[ Neighbor ] I saw him go in the back way.,很悦耳什么?Catchy.,你吹的那调子…What ? That tune you're whistling.,我根本不知自己在吹口哨Oh, I didn't even know I was whistling.,这表示你很快乐You must be pretty happy.,显而易见,你无忧无虑- Easy to see there's nothin' on your mind. - [ Truck Rattles ],一定是我“小儿”我感觉到是他Oops. That must have been Junior.Felt like him.,“小儿”?Junior ?,对,刚才那些敲打声Yeah. that rock.,我从罗省至连奴治路认识所有人I know every one from Los Angeles to Reno.,驾驶货车实在是艰苦的工作Tough job, driving a truck.,今晚有其他最新消息吗?Got any other hot news tonight ?,我从未想过会如此艰辛I never realized how tough it was before.,艰辛?你应可忍受The tough part, you can take that.,你只不过感到无聊It's the monotony that gets you.,我一直希望脱离这驾车生涯 为何不?I been thinking I'm gonna get out of this trucking game. Why don't you ?,我邻居对我妻说每天要吃叁餐One of the neighbors told my wife it's stylish to eat three meals a day.,你结了婚吗?- You married ?,没有- Nope.,你继续吹口哨吧Go ahead and whistle. [ Rattling Sound ],什么事令你困扰?That thing bother you ?,为何会这样?What's doin' it ?,用这叠报纸垫着它Here. Stick this wad of paper in there, will you ?,灭火筒实在很有用It's a pretty good thing to have around,,是驾车必备的设施one of these extinguishers.,早几天,有部运菜的货车…I wouldn't be without one. Now, take the other day.,在这里翻车,就在这里A big truck turns over right down here.,泻出的电油会令货车着火The gasoline catches, and she goes up like a matchbox.,司机女友被困车内若没有灭火筒A friend of the driver's gets caught in her.,司机将要送女友葬身火海了If the driver hadn't had an extinguisher, his pal would have been fried alive.,我没眼见到意外I didn't see it happen. I never see anything happen.,亦未听到任何消息I don't even hear about anything, e,我妻只会跟我说棒球赛xcept when my wife tells me the moving pictures.,她喜欢花这些钱That's the way she spends the money:,看棒球和买新帽moving pictures and new hats.,她爱买新帽然后戴着去看棒球Buys a hat so she can go to the picture show so she can take it off.,而我却无从反对No, sir. I haven't got anything to whistle about.,老友,你来自何地?Where are you from, bud ?,洛杉矶Uh, Los Angeles.,你在那里工作?Tough. You work down there ?,对,以前是Yeah. Well, I did.,是什么工作?What doin' ?,我是在飞机制造工作的I was workin' in an airplane factory.,人们说那是一份优差They say that's pretty good.,你不属于军部的吗?I was wondering why you weren't in the army.,是Yeah.,事关国防,他们对雇员要求严格They're particular about the fellows they hire in those defense plants.,这亦算正确That's no more than right.,若雇员不小心便会令工厂爆炸They gotta be careful they don't get blown up.,对Yeah.,我知道若雇员有案底I understand if a fellow had any police record,,便不会被录用,是吗?no job. Is that right ?,我不知道Oh. I don't know.,老友,可否代我控制方向盘?Hey, buddy. Hold the wheel a while, will you,,我要点烟,我是个烟鬼while I animate this thing. I'm a nicotine addict.,小心啊,别越过白线Hey, watch it, bud ! Stay on this side of the white line.,到了史比维后,你在何处下车?Where do you wanna get off when we get to Springville ?,到了市中心,随时让我下车吧It doesn't matter. Drop me in the middle of town.,史比维便是市中心了The minute you get to Springville, you're in the middle of the town.,那是个小镇,很快便驶过The next minute, the place is a memory.......