星际旅行3:石破天惊 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock中英字幕下载-4K电影

星际旅行3:石破天惊 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock中英字幕下载

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电影:星际旅行3:石破天惊(Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)




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 别悲伤 上将Don't grieve,这是我必须做的事It is logical.,牺牲小我The needs of the many outweigh...,或是自我牺牲...the needs of the few.,才能成全大我Or the one.,我永远都是你最好的朋友I have been and always shall be your friend.,愿你平安快乐Live long and prosper.,我们今天齐聚在这里 送我们的战友最后一程We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honoured dead.,他的死亡象征着新的生命This death takes place in the shadow of new life,带来了新的世界the sunrise of a new world.,他牺牲了生命去保卫这个世界A world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect.,他不觉得他的牺牲是无谓的He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one.,在我所有的朋友中Of my friend,在企业号所有的成员中Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels,他才是最具his was the most...,人性的一位...human.,敬礼 发射Honours. Hup!,太空 最后的无人地带Space,星舰企业号继续旅程These are the continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise.,她的任务是要开发新世界Her ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds.,寻找新的生命与文明To seek out new lifeforms and new civilisations.,勇往直前To boldly go...,航行到无人踏足过的领域...where no man has gone before.,美国军舰企业号 舰长日志USS Enterprise,重创修复后 我们立即返航With most of our battle damage repaired,但我却感到心神不宁 我也不知道原因Yet I feel uneasy. And I wonder why.,或许是因为这艘星舰太空旷Perhaps it is the emptiness of this vessel.,大部分人员都已经被重新分配Most of our trainee crew has been reassigned.,莎维上尉与我的儿子大卫Lieutenant Saavik and my son David,正在他创造出来的“创世”星上 继续进行实验are exploring the Genesis planet,而企业号就像一间人去楼空的房子And Enterprise feels like a house with all the children gone.,不 比那感觉更空虚No,斯波克之死 就像一道永不愈合的伤口The death of Spock is like an open wound.,我似乎将我最崇高的部分It seems that I've left the noblest part of myself back there...,遗留在“创世”星上...on that newborn planet.,- 苏鲁 报告情况 - 好的 上将- Status,估计在2 1个小时后到达地球Estimating space dock in 2.1 hours.,非常好 契科夫 我要在到达前进行一次扫描Very well. Mr Chekov,- 请到科学站去 - 好的- Take the science station,乌乎拉 进行“创世”计划的 星际舰队有任何回应吗?Uhura... Any response from Starfleet on our Project Genesis enquiries?,- 长官 没有任何反应 - 这非常奇怪- No,- 斯科蒂 进度报告 - 快完成了 长官- Scotty,星舰在抵达地球时 将可以恢复正常操作You'll be fully automated by the time we dock.,时间配合的非常好Excellent timing. You fixed the barn door after the horse has come home.,之后还要修理多久 我们才可以再次出航?How much refit time till we can take her out again?,八星期 但是因为时间紧迫 我会在两星期内完成Eight weeks,你总会把你的估计时间乘以四倍吗?Have you always multiplied your repair estimates by a factor of four?,当然 不然我如何能 保持工作神速的美名?Certainly,斯科蒂 这个美号你当之无愧Your reputation is secure,苏鲁 你来接管指挥 我会在我的舱房内Mr Sulu,长官?Sir?,我们到达时 他们会举行仪式吗?Are they planning a ceremony when we get in?,- 我意思是迎接仪式 - 你想要英雄式的欢迎?- I mean,也许吧Well,这次我们付出了很大的代价This time we've paid for the party with our dearest blood.,镇定一点Steady. Steady,继续扫描Keep scanning.,我以为可以信赖你们 他到底在哪里?I thought you people were reliable. Where the hell is he?,他已经待在这里很久了 启动呼叫频率He's been here for some time. Put me on hailing frequency.,克鲁格指挥官 我是沃克丽丝Commander Kruge... This is Valkris.,我已经获得“创世”计划的资料 可以随时传送I have purchased the Genesis data. Ready to transmit.,做得好 沃克丽丝Well done,到底是怎么一回事What the hell is...,解除隐形罩Disengage cloaking device!,传送资料 开始Transmit data. Now!,传送完成Transmission completed.,你会发现它很有用处You will find it useful.,意思是你已经看过了?Then you have seen it?,是的 司令I have,太不幸了Unfortunate.,我明白了Understood.,启动火箭推进器Thrusters.,到底发生了什么事? 我何时可以拿到钱?What the hell's going on? When do I get paid off?,很快就可以了 舰长Soon,祝你成功 我的大人 我的爱Success,你将会名垂千古You will be remembered with honour.,开火Fire!,新方向 联盟中立地带New course. Federation neutral zone.,喂它Feed him!,是的 大人Yes,控制中心 这里是企业号 已经准备返航Approach Control,- 企业号可以返航了 - 锁定系统- Enterprise is cleared to dock. - Lock on.,系统已经锁定Systems locked.,- 太空中心 让你们来控制了 - 没问题 企业号- Spacedock,- 享受旅程 欢迎返航 - 企业号确认- Enjoy the ride,报告 己关闭大门Acknowledge,你们看看那边Would you look at that!,那是个很伟大的发明My friends,它就是精益号 已经随时可以试航了The Excelsior. Ready for trial runs.,它应该配备了超级曲速引擎She's supposed to have transwarp drive.,它真是太先进了And if my grandmother had wheels,时代进步了 斯科特 接受新事物吧Young minds,悬挂及重力系统 准备Standby umbilical and gravitational support systems.,知道 长官 开始停泊 所有系统进入准备状态Aye,- 上将 这太不可能了 - 契科夫- Admiral. This is not possible. - Mr Chekov.,斯波克的房间有能量的迹象An energy reading from 'C' deck,- 我已经下令封锁他的房间 - 是我亲自封锁的- I ordered Spock's quarters sealed. - I sealed the room myself!,但是里面显示有生命的迹象Nevertheless.
    我们为了斯波克都快发疯了This entire crew seems on the edge of obsessive behaviour regarding Spock.,安全系统报告有人 闯入斯波克的房间Sir,我马上赶去 苏鲁 继续停泊程序I'm on my way. Sulu,吉姆Jim...,救救我Help me.,你把我留在“创世”星 你为何要这么做?You left me on Genesis. Why did you do that?,救救我Help me.,麦考伊Bones!,你到底在做什么?What the hell are you doing?,你疯了吗?Have you lost your mind?,救救我 吉姆 带我回家Help me,麦考伊 我们已经到家了Bones,那么或许还不太晚Then perhaps it's not too late.,爬上阶梯Climb the steps,爬上史莱亚山Climb the steps of Mount Seleya.,史莱亚山?Mount Seleya?,麦考伊 史莱亚山在瓦肯星 我们己回到地球了Bones,记得Remember.,上将 己完成降落Admiral,星际舰队的马洛司令官 已经在等候检阅Starfleet Commander Morrow is on his way for inspection.,乌乎拉 快叫医护人员来这儿 叫他们马上来Uhura,你们在最艰难的情况下 完成了非凡的任务You've all done remarkable service under the most difficult conditions.,你们将会收到星际舰队最高的赞赏You'll be receiving Starfleet's highest commendation.,更重要的是特别延长的假期And more importantly... extended shore leave.,除了斯科特先生以外 因为精益号需要你的帮忙All but you,明天去那里报到 是工程舰长的职位Report there tomorrow as Captain of Engineering.,我很感激 但我宁愿留下来 修理企业号With all appreciation,恐怕那己不需要了I'm afraid that won't be necessary.,但是 长官But,我很抱歉 斯科特先生 企业号将不会被修理I'm sorry,上将 我不明白 企业号并不Admiral... I don't understand. The Enterprise is not...,企业号已有20年的舰龄 我们觉得它应该退役了Jim,但我们已经要求But we had requested...,我们希望带它回去“创世”星We had hoped to take her back to Genesis.,- 那是不可能的 - 我可以知道原因吗?- That is out of the question. - May I ask why?,你可能不知道 “创世”星 惹起了很大的争议In your absence,在星球联盟议会定下政策之前Until the Federation Council makes policy,你们绝对不能跟任何人you are all under orders not to discuss with anyone,谈论关于“创世”星的事your knowledge of Genesis.,就将它当成是被隔离的星球 被禁止谈论的话题Consider it a quarantine planet... and a forbidden subject.,为了明白这个事件To understand the events on which I report,你们必须了解“创世”机的理论the theoretical data on the Genesis device,“创世”机是由 两位马库斯博士所研究的as developed by Doctors Carol and David Marcus.,他们希望从无生命的环境中 创造出生命来Genesis,我们把“创世”机 放到一颗没有生命的星球The device was to be introduced into a pre-selected area,例如一颗月球或其它的星球of a lifeless space body,那个装置会马上产生“创世”效应The device would instantaneously cause the Genesis efect.,将一个无生命的月球 变成一个生机盎然的行星Instead of a dead moon,能够维持任何生命体的生活capable of sustaining whatever life forms we see fit to deposit on it.,如何?So?,你说Speak.,这是很值得控制的强大力量Great power to control,- 你说 - 非常厉害- Speak. - Impressive.,他们可以创造出一个行星来They can make a planet.,没错 新的城市 新的家园Oh,妻子跟孩子都陪伴在你身边Your woman at your side,而且星球联盟的旗子 会在头上随风飘扬And overhead,迷人吗?Charming.,- 回到岗位上 - 是的 大人- Station. - Yes,- 别跟任何人提起这件事 - 明白 大人- Share this with no one. - Understood,我们要前往那颗行星We are going to this planet.,尽管我们的使者 正在跟星球联盟议和Even as our emissaries negotiate for peace with the Federation,但是为了保护我们的人民 我们必须采取行动we will act for the preservation of our race.,我们将要夺取这个秘密武器We will seize the secret of this weapon.,这个超级秘密武器The secret of ultimate power!,祝你成功 大人Success,我们已经抵达035方位的行星We have reached the destination planet at point 035.,非常好 上尉Very well,控制室 以标准轨道前进Execute standard orbital approach.,传送密码口信给星际舰队司令官 第一优先Send a coded message for Starfleet Commander,联盟科学太空舰葛里松号 刚刚抵达“创世”星"Federation science vessel Grissom arriving Genesis,即将开始进行实验 指挥官埃斯特班"to begin research. J.T. Esteban commanding.",马库斯博士 这是你的行星Dr Marcus,请开始扫描Begin scanning,莎维 好玩的地方现在才开始This is where the fun begins,跟你父亲一样 太像人类了Just like your father,所有单位启动 开动记录器 扫描领域一All units functional. Recorders are on. Scanning Sector 1.,树叶生长茂盛 气温摄氏22 2度The foliage in fully developed state of growth. Temperature 22.2 Celsius.,领域二是沙漠地带 极少量植物 气温39 4Sector 2 indicating desert terrain. Minimal vegetation. Temperature 39.4.,领域三是亚热带植物Sector 3,气温急速下降Temperature decreasing rapidly.,下雪 这个领域会下雪 真是难以置信It's snow. Snow in the same sector. Fantastic!,太迷人了Fascinating.,这个小星球具备了地球上的 各种地形与天气All the varieties of land and weather known to Earth,- 有金属物体 - 执行短距离扫描- Metallic mass. - Close range scan.,是一个光量子管A photon tube.,重力场显示它是安全着陆的Gravitational fields were in flux. It must have soft landed.,马上通知星际舰队In code to Starfleet:,斯波克舰长的棺木 位于“创世”星的表面"Captain Spock's tube located on Genesis surface.",真令人无法置信I don't believe it.,怎么了?What is it?,如果设备运行正常的话 信号显示有动物生命迹象If equipment is functioning properly,- 你说那里没有动物的 - 是不该有的- You said there wouldn't be any. - There shouldn't be.,信号已经被证实 显示有不明生命体Cross referenced and verified. An unidentifiable lifeform reading.,长官 你要通知星际舰队吗?You wish to advise Starfleet,我们根本不知道那是什么We don't know what we're talking about here.,- 我们为何不将他传送上来? - 不行- Why don't we beam it up? - Oh,条例清楚说明 除非不会有被污染的危险Regulations state,否则任何东西都不能被传送上来"until danger of contamination is eliminated.",舰长 我们可以派人下去检查Captain,除非任务是必要而且安全的If the Captain decides that the mission is vital and reasonably safe.,- 我们必须查明那是什么 - 或者是谁- Please......