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野战排 Platoon中英字幕下载

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 传道书云 "欢度青春",天 那是我想的东西吗?Oh, man! Is that what I think it is?,好了 新丁 欢迎来到越南 跟我来All right, cheesedicks. Welcome to the Nam. Follow me.,糟了 有新血I'll be dipped in shit. New meat!,你们会很喜欢越南的 永远的You dudes gonna love the Nam. For-fucking-ever.,365天365 and a wake-up. Oh, lord.,1967年9月B连第25队步兵,在柬埔寨边境附近,下面小心Watch it below!,莫浩 走快点Morehouse, drop back to slack.,查理 谁在队尾?Who's on tail-end Charlie?,总部 这是六队 位置如下…Eagle, Eagle, Ripper Six, Pos rep follows,',L、A、W、A、F…Lemur, Alpha, Whiskey, Alpha, Foxtrot...,,华伦 你去队侧Warren, you get out on flank.,- 何迈特 - 什么事?- Hey, Hoffmeister! - Yo?,你有香烟吗?You got a smoke?,- 没有 - 没关系- No, man, I don't. - Sin loi, man.,B26 为何延迟了?Bravo 2-6. What's the delay on point?,又找不到路了吗?Having compass trouble again?,继续走Get a move on, boy.,你还在等什么?Boy, what you waiting for?,他不会咬你He ain't gonna bite you.,那是越南兵 死了That's a good gook. Good and dead.,- 新丁 - 新丁- Cherry. - Yo, cherry!,行动 第六队说我们挡住了他们 完毕Move it out. Six says we're jamming them up back there. Over.,叫他去见鬼吧Tell that dipshit to get fucked.,这是第25队 听好 我们很快便出发 完毕This is 2-5. Be advised. We're moving out shortly. Out.,泰勒 你怎么了?What's the matter with you, Taylor?,你是个大混蛋You are one simple son of a bitch.,中士 对不起I'm sorry, sergeant.,叫另外那个新丁过来 葛拿 还有军医Get that other cherry up here. Gardner. And the doc.,葛拿 军医 上前来Gardner, doc, up!,葛拿 军医 上前来Gardner, doc, to the front!,葛拿 快过来 你他妈的Gardner, get your ass up the hill, you fat fuck!,大胖子 快点Hurry up, bubble- butt!,- 你有没有事? - 蚂蚁- You all right? - Ants.,我脖子全都是蚂蚁I got ants all over my neck.,这些是红蚂蚁You got some red ants.,红蚂蚁是杀手 黑蚂蚁最可怕Reds are killers. Black ants are the worse.,快点 混球Hurry up, lard-ass!,我很累I'm so tired!,只喝一点Just a little.,不要喝太多 你不要再喝了Don't drink too much. I don't want you drinking any more.,我不想你抽搐I don't want you cramping up.,你带着太多东西You're humping too much stuff.,有一半是不需要的You don't need half this shit.,我帮你拿I'll haul it for you.,但请你下次先向我请示But next time check with me first, all right?,谢谢你 中士Thanks, sarge.,- 你有没有事? - 没事- Are you okay? - Yeah.,这是总部 有直升机接近你们2-2, this is six, I understand you have a bird inbound at your pos,,总部 请留意Bravo Six, be advised.,军资直升机正驶来Resupply helo is inbound at this time, Over,,快点搬军火下来Go, you people! Get that ammo off now!,这个字不是这样写的It ain't D-E-R-E. It's D-E-A-R.,而且莎拉也不是那样写的 笨蛋And Sarah ain't got no two R's, King. Damn, you dumb!,没关系 她会明白我的意思Don't matter. She know what I mean.,她也不大认识字She don't read too good nohow.,你看 又是猪肉Look at this shit! Pork again!,我跟你换你的火鸡 我不能再吃这玩意了Trade me that turkey loaf for this pork shit, man. I can't eat this shit.,你抽了什么?What you been smoking?,希望你不用洗衣服 你要运动一下I hope you don't get that laundry gig. Your ass need to hump, hump.,白小子 你在等什么?Hey, white boy! What you waiting for?,那个洞不会自己出现的That hole won't dig itself.,快点掘Come on. Get your dick skin on that thing!,时间无多 快点掘…You ain't got all day! Dig, dig!,有人写过 "地狱是不可理喻的"Somebody once wrote, ''Hell is the impossibility of reason, '',这个地方就像地狱That's what this place feels like,' hell,,我只是来了一周 但已经讨厌这里I hate it already, and it's only been a week,,祖母 这一周很痛苦Some goddamn week, Grandma,,最辛苦的事就是这星期站岗三次The hardest thing I've ever done is go on point three times this week,,我不知道我在做什么I don't know what I'm doing,,我连越共在我面前出现也不知道A gook could be right in front of me and I wouldn't know it,,我实在很累I'm so tired,,我们早上五点起床…We get up at 5,'00 a,m...,整天走动 四五点钟扎营 掘壕沟 进食…...hump all day, camp around 4 or 5, dig a foxhole, eat...,然后整晚埋伏 或是当哨兵...then put out an all-night ambush or a listening post,,我是新来的 没有人教我任何事Nobody tells me how to do anything because I'm new,,没人理会新丁 他们连你的名字也不想知道Nobody cares about the new guys, They don't want to know your name,,新丁的生命不重要 因为他没有经验A new guy's life isn't worth much because he hasn't put his time in yet,,若在越南战死 最好在最初几周If you're gonna get killed in Nam, it's better to get it in the first weeks,,原因是你不会受太多苦The logic being, you don't suffer that much,,如果幸运 留在外围防线…If you're lucky, you stay in the perimeter...,守卫时能够睡三至四小时...then pull a guard shift, so you sleep three or four hours,,但你不能真的入睡But you don't really sleep,,我认为我撑不到一年I don't think I can keep this up for a year, Grandma,,我不应该来这里I've made a big mistake coming here,,我们有很多活动We got beaucoup movement.,第三部队在15公里外被袭击3rd Battalion got hit 15 klicks north of here.,越共在树上挂上地雷Charlie had claymores strung in the trees.,整排军队被炸 真倒霉Blew a whole fucking platoon to pieces. Bad shit.,两个中尉和一个上尉被炸死Got two lieutenants and a captain.,我的天Jesus.,你想谁去埋伏?All right, who do you want on ambush?,奕礼 你带你的小队出去Elias, you take your squad out.,华伦 留下 我需要德斯和小尊Warren, stay in, but I need Tex and Junior from your squad.,知道Roger that.,调动到20M的位置Move out in 2-0 mikes..
    我以为今晚轮到奥尼尔I thought it was O'NeilI's turn tonight.,托斯和莫浩经验不足Tubbs and Morehouse are short.,福生明天放假 还要他们去吗?Fu Sheng is going on R and R tomorrow. You want to send them out on ambush?,你要带新丁去You got the fresh meat, buddy.,他们什么都不懂 可能会遇到事情 仔细想想They don't know shit and we'll probably run into something. Think about it.,太好了 你想我怎样做?Great. What do you want me to do?,你想我为了一个混蛋要好好睡觉 而让手下被杀吗?Get one of my guys zapped so a lame ass can get his beauty sleep?,奥尼尔…Hey, O'Neill...,别再啰嗦...take a break.,你不用每天都这么讨厌You needn't be a prick every day.,奕礼 叫手下准备好Elias, get your men ready.,他来了三年 以为自己是耶稣Guy's in 3 years, thinks he's Jesus Christ.,奥尼尔 他们留下 但你要去O'Neill, your short-timers stay in, but you go out.,我需要有经验的老兵I need veterans out there.,彭斯中士?Sergeant Barnes?,在他们面前应由我下命令I think in front of the men, I need to give the orders.,是 长官Yes, sir.,看来会下雨Shit, looks like rain.,我们整晚都要在雨中了It's gonna piss on us all night.,会令你脸烂掉It'll put a serious case of crotch rot on that ugly face of yours.,你为那个白人而冒险Goddamn, man. You break your ass for the white man.,这里是没有公义的No justice around here.,奥尼尔又触怒中尉了?What's O'Neill got, a nose up the lieutenant's ass already?,为什么总是我们负责埋伏?Why do we always get fucking ambush?,这是因为他们在玩政治Because it's politics, man. Politics.,- 我有否给你看过露珍的照片? - 没有- Did I show you a picture of Lucy Jean? - No, you didn't.,她会是我的另一半She's the one for me all right, that Lucy Jean.,她也在等我She's waiting for me too.,她很漂亮 你很幸福She's real pretty. You're a lucky guy, Gardner.,你有你女朋友的照片吗?You got a picture of your girl?,那我们有一个被留在家乡的可怜女孩 不是吗?That leaves some unlucky girl back home, don't it?,插进去Tuck this in.,装进去Shit-can this.,不需要这个 转身Don't need this. Turn around.,来吧Come on.,德斯! 跟小尊和泰勒一队Tex! You got Junior and Taylor here on your position.,奕礼 不要乱来Elias, don't mess with my pig.,我今晚不是去喝酒 别烦我I ain't getting greased tonight. Keep this cheesedick off my ass.,你有泰勒You got Taylor.,葛拿 你和我一组Gardner, you're with me.,如果你迷路或和队友分开了ln case anything happens to you, you get lost or separated...,- 千万不要大叫 知道吗? - 知道- ...don't yell out, okay? - Okay.,- 不要到处走 我们会来找你 - 好- Just sit tight and we'll get to you. - All right.,准备出发! 小心谨慎! Saddle up! Lock and load!,爸妈不想我来这里Mom and Dad didn't want me to come here,,他们想我以他们为榜样They want me to be just like them,',受人尊敬、工作勤劳、拥有家庭Respectable, hard- working, a little house, a family,,祖母 他们快把我逼疯了 你知道妈妈的They drove me crazy with their goddamn world, Grandma, You know Mom,,我一向都备受保护…Having always been sheltered and special...,我想像其他无名氏一样...I want to be anonymous like everyone else,,为国家效力Do my share for my country,,就像祖父在一次大战时一样 和爸爸在二次大战时一样Live up to what Grandpa did in the first war, Dad in the second,,我现在的确是无名氏了Well, here I am, Anonymous, all right,,和没人在乎的一班人一起With guys nobody really cares about,,他们来自荒芜的地方They come from the end of the line,,你从没听过的小镇Small towns you never heard of,,田纳西波兰斯基 密西西比布兰登Polaski, Tennessee, Brandon, Mississippi,,犹他州波切本 宾夕凡尼亚的旺普Pork Bend, Utah, Wampum, Pennsylvania,,只念过两年高中Two years high schooI's about it,,若他们幸运 会在工厂找到工作If they're lucky, a job waiting for them in a factory,,他们大部分都一无所有Most of them got nothing,,他们穷苦而且不受欢迎They're poor and unwanted...,但他们却为我们的社会和自由而战...yet they're fighting for our society and freedom,,真奇怪 他们自知是箩底橙It's weird, They're the bottom of the barrel, and they know it,,所以他们自称平凡人Maybe that's why they call themselves grunts,,因为平凡人什么都能承受Because a grunt can take it, can take anything,,他们是我见过最有真本性的人 祖母They're the best I've ever seen, Grandma, The heart and soul,,泰勒Hey, Taylor?,新丁 轮到你Hey, cheesedick, you're up.,- 什么? - 轮到你- What? - You're up.,- 你肯定懂得用杀伤地雷吗? - 我肯定- Sure you can work the claymores? - I'm sure.,拉下安全栓和撞击三次Flick the safety off and bang on it three times.,三次 我知道了Three times. I got it.,不要睡着 否则我不会放过你 知道吗?Don't catch any Z's on me, or I'll sling your sorry ass! Hear me?,知道Okay.,或许我终于在泥泞里找到答案Maybe I finally found it way down here in the mud,,或许我可以从这里重新来过Maybe from down here I can start up again,,也许我可以骄傲的做个 堂堂正正的虚假人Be something I can be proud of without faking it, Be a fake human being,,我或许能看见我还没看到的东西 学一些我还没学到的东西Maybe I can see something I don't yet see, learn something I don't yet know,,我想你 很想你I miss you, I miss you very much,,告诉妈妈我想念她 柯里斯上Tell Mom I miss her too, Chris,,小尊Junior.,- 好了 混蛋 - 轮到你- All right, motherfucker. - It's your shift, man.,拿去Here, take this.,引爆地雷Blow the fucking claymore!,拉下安全栓Take the safety off! Damn it!,拉下安全栓Take the safety off! Damn it!,拉下安全栓Get the safety off!,救我 小尊 到这里来救我Feed me, Junior! Get over here and feed me!,- 我的天 - 冷静下来- Jesus-fucking-Christ! - Easy, boy.,- 军医 葛拿被打中 - 我快过来- Doc, Gardner's hit! - Right there!,我被击中Oh, shit. I'm hit!,军医 泰勒被击中Doc, Taylor's hit! Taylor's hit!,- 糟了 - 军医- Oh, shit. - Doc, doc!,伤势怎样?How bad is it?,他没有引爆地雷He didn't blow his claymore!,放松 只是擦伤 按着Relax, man. It's a scratch. Hold this on here.,不要骗我 伤势怎样?Don't lie. How bad is it?,他让他们进入 他当值时睡着He let them walk right up on us! He was asleep on his shift!,我没有No, I did not.,海洛老大 留意着他Big Harold, keep an eye on him.,不要让他休克Don't let him go into shock.......