最后的维米尔 The Last Vermeer(2019)英文字幕下载-4K电影

最后的维米尔 The Last Vermeer(2019)英文字幕下载

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电影:最后的维米尔(The Last Vermeer)




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 Forgive this man,May God have mercy on your soul.,Amen.,Attention!,Make ready! Aim!,Fire!,- Has it arrived? Is it here? - Last night.,- Jerome,There's a gift on your desk. Cherries for the family.,I'll try not to eat them before I get home this time. Thank you.,A Dutch Jew with a Canadian uniform.,Captain. Captain Piller.,Who let this one in?,Dekker,- Hello,We used to be in the Resistance together.,Yeah,- Working with the Allies now. - Yes.,Everything in here was stolen,and they put me in charge of finding out who took it,and who sold it to the Nazis.,But I want to avoid interference from the Ministry of Justice,'cause they seem to have their own agenda,I need someone I can trust.,Well,Oh,This was just found in Göring's hidden collection.,Christ and the Adulteress. It's a Vermeer.,- Vermeer! - And... we found a letter.,Folded in the crate.,I attended a show there once,had champagne and smoked salmon,and saw some terrible paintings.,And what Germans did you meet there?,I shook a hand or two.,Those pigs were everywhere. You couldn't avoid them.,I never had that problem.,No,I'm a personal friend of Prince Bernhard,and the commander of the Ministry of Justice.,That's very good for you,but I don't work for the Dutch government who ran off when things got hot.,Dekker,I was commissioned by the Allied Command.,Who will soon relinquish power to the rightful Dutch government.,But not today.,And the more time I waste on you,the Nazi sympathizers you drank champagne with will slip away.,I'm afraid I must ask you to...,In this letter,references you in verifying the background of a Vermeer painting...,I don't collect art.,...before Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring agreed to buy it.,Christ and the Adulteress was just recovered from a railway car,in an Austrian salt mine.,Thing about Göring...,he kept meticulous records of all his acquisitions.,So,It was a favor.,I had a respectable name.,I simply wrote that I'd vouch for the painting's provenance,to finalize the sale.,Because the painting had been stolen from Jews?,Who was the favor for?,Who brought you the painting?,Han Van Meegeren.,Han Van Meegeren?,Indeed.,I'm Captain Joseph Piller of the Allied Provisional Government.,- Please,Were you expecting us?,In these times,Do you play?,No,- May I offer you a drink? - Yes.,No,No?,Do you live here all by yourself?,For the time being. I am recently divorced.,This is my wife's house now.,She is in France,The war has been good to you,I was lucky enough to sell a series of Flemish primitives,before hostilities broke out.,So,I am a painter and an art lover.,But,And during the war,Tried to survive,Running out of champagne must have been devastating.,Oh,No,Do I need a jacket?,You haven't asked why I'm here.,Well,it's always best not to spoil the surprise.,Or maybe it's no surprise at all.,Shall we?.
    - Do you like Johannes Vermeer? - Of course.,The equal of Rembrandt,and only a hair behind Michelangelo and da Vinci.,And this one,How does that rate?,Undoubtedly a masterpiece.,It has his hallmark command of light and color,and yet with a gravitas absent from his more celebrated work.,You take interest in art as well as music?,Oh,What interests me is that it was sold to Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring,for more than 1.5 million guilders,which is the largest sum ever paid for a work of art.,Which proves that pigs can sometimes have taste.,Or perhaps too much money.,I've traced the sale back to the Goudstikker Gallery,through a network of your associates,I need to know where this Vermeer came from.,Was it from a looted collection? Jews trying to flee Europe?,Mr. Van Meegeren,collaboration with the enemy is a capital offense.,They're shooting people in the streets daily.,We all must die sometime.,Although Vermeer,They speak to us across the centuries.,But you're not among those names,Mr. Van Meegeren?,So,And what,Putting you and your friends in jail.,Or in a noose.,This is your chance at redemption,and perhaps,And yet I am sensing that perhaps it is you who needs redemption,Put him in solitary.,Single rations. No visitors.,- Finn,- Take these. - Okay.,And they go into these.,Only I can paint the picture that you so desperately want to see.,And what is it that I so desperately want to see?,You want justice against the wicked,So,But I ask a favor. I need my paints. I need my brushes.,- Please,There is no life here,Do you want inspiration?,What do you need inspiration for if I break your hands?,Piller?,I'm Detective De Klerks.,Ministry of Justice. Long time.,I've heard you snagged a big fish,- Who told you? - Jungle drum,We need to question him.,We're on the same team. We need to share information.,Are we on the same team?,Last time I handed over a lead,The old boys' network.,Perhaps they should rename your outfit the Ministry of Convenient Justice.,You and me,We don't have to worry about the big picture.,I see. Well,Excuse me. What were you before the war?,A tailor,I've been a police investigator for 15 years,and this could be bigger than some paintings.,This Van Meegeren may have helped fund the Abwehr spy ring,laundering money for the Nazis.,Even more reason your department should stay away from this.,All this bluster and confidence,it's a pretty good mask,Yeah. And you know it.,Actually,I was just being courteous.,This is a joint jurisdiction facility,and I have a signed order here from the Dutch government,granting me your fish.,So,Ministry of Justice.,Boys.,Dekker? Dekker!,Get him out.,- Time for exercise. Come on. - What?,- Come on. - Come on.,Get him out of there.,This way.,Hey!,Piller!,Not that I didn't enjoy it,De Klerks wants him,Your fish? How flattering.,Very beautiful,Yes.,Well,As long as you're happy...,I'll make a list of my supplies.,My assistant,And I'm going to need my whiskey.,I'll get your paints. Forget about the whiskey.,And,Mr. Dekker here has my permission to break both your legs,if you try and escape.......

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