救世超能:永无止境 Higher Power中英字幕下载-4K电影

救世超能:永无止境 Higher Power中英字幕下载

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电影:救世超能:永无止境(Higher Power)




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 I know about your work.,I know they turned their back on it.,What if I told you I had a plan?,A plan to finally see it come to life.,Because I know for a fact that it's the only thing powerful enough,to stop what's coming.,The end.,Joining us today is astrophysicist Michael Swaford...,...from MIT's Kavli Institute for Space Research...,...to discuss his new book, In the End There Was Light.,Welcome to the show. This light you describe as...,"...The brightest and most violent event in our known universe",,is what, exactly?,It's a gamma ray burst or a GRB.,And you believe, Mr. Swaford,that this light, this gamma ray burst...,...is the last thing that mankind willsee before we are blown out of existence?,Yes. That's correct.,Where do they come from, these GRBs, and how are they made?,When a high mass star collapses...,...gravity crushes its core into a black hole.,This black hole immediatelybegins to devour the dying star around it...,...at a rate of 1 million Earth masses per second.,Now that's far too much energyfor the black hole to consume at once...,...so a majority of that energyis blasted back out into the universe.,In the form of two narrow beams of intense radiation.,And you believe, Mr. Swaford, that there is a dying star...,...right here in our own Milky Way Galaxy, AWR104...,-...that could be a likely GRB candidate? -Yes, that's right.,And that Earth is lying directly in the path of the beam zone.,We are essentially staring down the barrel of a gun.,Hey, you know, I've been thinking of a couple of names.,Oh, yeah? Let's hear them.,What about Rhea?,You know, like a ray of light?,Rhea.,Rhea Steadman.,I love it.,-What about if it's a boy? -Oh, that's easy. Joe Junior.,-What? -Yeah, I don't think so.,Yes! Come on.,Uh-uh.,-Zoe Lorraine, let's go! S'more time. -No, no, I got her.,-Wait, you forgot a prize. -A prize?,This one. It's got magic powers that make you strong.,Thank you. I always wanted magic powers.,-I spy a secret light! -I spy a secret light. Okay.,-Is it that one? -No.,-Is it that one? -You win! You win!,You know that's a lighthouse, right?,Check this out. Watch how it blinks.,One four three.,That stands for... I.,L. O. V. E.,Y. O. U.,One four three.,-What does that spell? -I love you!,I love you, too, baby girl.,Primary subject... Joseph Steadman. Forty-five.,DNA analysis concludes possible match.,-Further testing required. -What's up, man?,Anytime, bro.,Undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression...,...suicidal tendencies and recurring anger control issues.,And the anger. Have we maintained control?,Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I...,You remember what happened last time.,I know. Yes, it's... that's never gonna happen again.,I'm doing work. I am, really.,Remember, if it starts to happen you have to...,Think with my head before my heart. I know.,-Precisely. -Precisely.,You're in control of your emotions. They're not in control of you.,His condition remains unstable.,Zoe Steadman.,Daughter of test subject. Twenty-five.,Unable to forgive her father after the mother's death, when he left.,Surprise! I got take-out.,Currently putting herself through nursing school.,I didn't hear you come in.,She's headstrong, independent and self-sufficient.,A direct contrast to her younger sister, Rhea Steadman.,Substance abuse. Started at seventeen.,When she decided to follow in her father's footsteps.,Zoe's attempts at reaching out have been met with resistance.,Opiates, I'm afraid, have twisted her perspective.,Lost would be the best way to describe her current situation.,I know you're in there.,Just one more time. I... I promise.,Just don't do this to me.,I told you I'm done with that shit.,Pretty please?,I miss your touch, baby.,I've got eyes on Subject B.,She just entered the library on 2nd Street.,Intercepting the security camera feed now.,Okay, the image should be up.,What do we have here?The Anatomy and Physiology of Health and Illness.,Oh, sounds like a page-turner..
    -So are we done here? Can we go? -There's one more.,Oh, goody.,So, Dr. Apocalypse, I, um...,...finally finished it. Your book.,Oh, good. I'll just be over here...,No, it's just you're... you're surprisingly chipper...,...for someone who thinks we're all gonna get wiped out by...,...what'd you call it? A cosmic beam of concentrated energy?,I'm impressed. That's good.,But, you know what? Uh, I've actuallybeen doing a lot of thinking lately and...,...don't tell anybody else about this...,...but just recently somebody really inspiring came into my life.,And they kind of changed the way that I look at things.,-Really? How so? -Hmm.,Well, I guess you could say thatthey convinced me of the possibility...,...of a more optimistic future for mankind.,Oh, shh. Sorry.,-Look! Fate page. -What? What?,When a book falls like that it's a fate page.,Me and my sister, we used to play this game.,We kind of just dropped them on purposeand see what page they open up to.,-Uh-huh. -Okay, wait. Just close your eyes.,Just do it. Just close your eyes.,-Okay, so you take your finger. -Mm-hm.,-Pick it up. -Mm-hm.,-You move it kind of around the page. -Okay.,Circle it. And you just drop it down.,Okay, don't move it. You can open your eyes.,It's kind of like a fortune.You can see how it applies to your life.,What does it say?,During an infection, apoptosis...,...whatever the hell that is, can serve a protective function...,...by killing off virus-contaminated cellsbefore they spill over with virus particles.,This act of self-sacrifice hampers the spread of infection...,...and can save the whole organism.,That is completely not informative.,No, you have to look past the words.,You know, like...,...like maybe you're the apoptosis serving a protective function.,Right. That is such a sound theory. You know what?,I think I saw the mental health section back there.,We should probably just go,take a gander over there. What do you think?,And how is the job-hunt going? Any luck?,I landed a front desk gig at this government funded facility.,It's... I don't know, I didn't even apply. They, uh...,...I don't know, they got my name, they contacted me and...,...thought it was kind of weird but, you know, whatever.,It's good pay and benefits so...,A year sober...,...a new job, a new man. It's all good stuff.,Well, everyone, this is a special evening.,Joe, come on up here and get your one-year chip.,I guess I should thank my higher power. Um...,...I don't really know who or whatever that is yet.,I remember when my wife was sick and, uh...,...after she died I prayed all the time.,There was no voice coming back to me.,There were no answers, there were no nothing.,And I ended up stranding my kids out to sea.,I don't blame them for hating me.,I mean, I'd hate me too.,Uh...,...but I got to believe that in their hearts...,...they still want their dad.,I don't know. I can do better.,I can be better.,Buddy! Hello!,-Oh, where are my kisses? -Good boy! Oh, hello!,Welcome home, Dad!,-You got a little taller. -Little bit, little bit.,-Where's your sister? -Oh, she's up there.,Oh, Dad, you stink.,-What's with this? -It's for a school project.,-You wanna know what it's about now?-No, no. Come here and give me a hug.,No, you smell.,-Look. -No. No!,-Here. -Stop it.,Don't chase your child.,All right, so what is this report on?,Uh, it's on professions andI chose yours. Can I ask you a few questions?,-Wait. Here it is. -Abso...,-She baked a cake. -Be right with you.,Say your name and your profession.You need to say it into the camera.,Hi. My name is Joseph Steadman.,I am a deck hand on a commercial fishing boat.,What do you do in your off-time when you're...when you're not working?,Uh...,...mostly I think about this.,Being here.,Being home.,You know, you guys.,So I'm just wondering, like,at one point you're gonna have to take...,...like, a bedpan test? Like, do you guys have...,Do you really think that's a real thing?,You need to be pretty experienced at that.,I mean, it's a very delicate situation...,What do you think nursing is?,...just dumping them out there for ya.,Just saying, things that will make you a better nurse...,-...at the end of the day. -Yeah, that's abs...,-Oh, shit. -What?,-Hey, Zoe. -That's my dad.......

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