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致命女郎 Fatale(2020)中英字幕下载

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 我一直都很聪明I was always the smart one.,为赢而战的人The one who played to win.,我很擅长这个 我是最棒的I was damn good at it. I was the best.,但后来我没注意到But then I took my eye off the ball,,就这样 游戏规则改变了and just like that, the rules of the game changed.,我不再是为了赢而玩I was no longer playing to win.,这是一个新的游戏This was a new game.,我现在是为了我的生命而打球I'm playing for my life now.,我 我很荣幸I'm... I'm very flattered.,-就像 -我喜欢- Like... - I like that.,给我这件毛衣 伙计 我说"我试过了"...this sweater for me, man, and I said, "Hey, I tried.",这是一件漂亮的毛衣It's a nice sweater.,她说服了我她告诉我And she talked me into it. She talked me...,至少她知道你穿什么好看Well, at least she knows what looks good on you.,谢谢你 谢谢你Thank you. Thank you.,我告诉你I told ya.,是的 她不一样Yeah, she's something else.,来吧 男人Come on, man.,听着 小D 我们只是想玩得开心点Look, D, we are trying to have a good time.,-请你 好吧 -对不起 对不起- Will you please... All right? - Sorry. Sorry.,你是对的 完全正确You're right. Absolutely right.,我们玩得很开心 伙计 放松We're having fun, man. Relax.,我们做完了 我们做完了We're done. We're done.,你知道我面对的是什么吗You see what I'm dealing with?,-给你和 -谢谢- For you and... - Thank you.,-这是给你的 -哦 好东西- And this is for you. - Oh, the good stuff.,总之 亲爱的 他没跟我们说过你的事Anyway, hon, he has told us nothing about you.,你是做什么的 你们俩怎么认识的What do you do? How'd you two meet?,有趣的故事 我们是在美术馆认识的Interesting story. We met in an art gallery.,等等 你知道美术馆是什么吗Wait, do you know what an art gallery is?,你去了美术馆You went to an art gallery?,-嗯 -买艺术品- Well... - To buy art?,-雷夫 你这个骗子 -不不- Rafe, you liar. - No, no.,我想敬一杯酒Hey, I want to make a toast.,敬我们所建立的一切To everything we've built.,敬我们所建立的一切To everything we've built.,是的 没有Yeah, no.,敬我们 敬我们所建立的一切To us, and everything that we've built.,我敬一杯酒怎么样How about I propose a toast,敬所有人所有事to, uh, everyone and everything,是我们共同建立起来的that we all have built.,-嗯 -一针见血- Mmm. - Touche.,数十亿美元 对吧To billions of dollars, right?,或者几百万美元 我也喜欢Or millions of dollars, I like that, too.,-我就知道你会 -我的宝贝必须- I knew you'd... - My baby's got to...,-哦 哇 哇 哇 -我的天啊 雷夫- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa... - Oh, my God, Rafe!,-我的错 我的错 -开始了 我懂了- My bad, my bad. - Here we go. I've got it.,你知道吗You know what?,-等等 这个很贵 -哦 不- Wait, this expensive... - Oh, no.,这只是在This just in,,洛杉矶政客卡特·海伍德LA city politician Carter Heywood,被指控挪用资金is accused of siphoning funds,来自中南部城市重建项目from the South-Central Urban Renewal project.,我 我期待着 我看I... I look forward to... I look...,我期待着真相大白I look forward to the truth coming out.,我很期待出庭的那一天I look forward to my day in court.,非常感谢Thank you very much.,谢谢Thanks.,以为你离开了Thought you left.,还没有Not yet.,现在几点了What time is it?,三点3:00.,大便Shit.,我在汉考克公园有房子要带人看I have a house to show in Hancock Park,,我要迟到了and I'm running late.,是的 说到最近 呃Yeah. Speaking of late, uh...,几天前的晚上 你回到家A couple of nights ago, you got home,,你半夜才来you got in after midnight.,是的 买家花了很长时间才完成交易Yeah. The buyers took forever to close the deal,,然后他们想出去庆祝一下and then they wanted to go out and celebrate.,你想让我说什么 “不”吗What'd you want me to say? "No"?,你知道我有多少晚待在家里You know how many nights I stayed home,当你和你的客户出去的时候while you were out on the town with your clients,,建立你的事业吗building your career?,是的 是的 我做的 你总是提醒我Yeah. Yeah, I do. You remind me all the time,,但这个职业提供了我们喜欢的生活方式but that career has provided the lifestyle that we love.,这事我们还要说多少遍 德里克How many times do we have to go through this, Derrick?,我想要我自己的事业 不是你的I wanted my own career, not yours.,现在我终于有了 你却要我放弃Now I finally have one, and you want me to give it up.,我从没让你停止工作I never asked you to stop working.,我只想知道你去哪了I just want to know where you were.,我们能晚点再吵吗Can we fight later?,我只是想和我妻子待在一起I just want to spend time with my wife.,我不需要去维加斯 我会取消这次旅行I don't need to go to Vegas. I'll cancel the trip.,我就呆在这儿I'll stay right here.,跟你的兄弟们去维加斯吧Just go to Vegas with your buddies.,我也不在乎I don't care.,你马上就要被激怒了You about to get turnt.,我们在维加斯 宝贝 你怎么了 伙计We in Vegas, baby. What's up with you, man?,看看这屁股Look at all this ass,-在这附近 老兄 -是的- around here, dawg. - Yeah.,我们得到了半个NBAOh, we got half the NBA,谁想由我们来代表 好吗who wants to be represented by us, all right?,妈的 现在你说了 你活了Shit, now you said it and you live it.,所以 男人So, look, man,,你有压力 我也有压力 好吗when you stress, I stress, all right?,跟我说说So, talk to me.,这是 TracieIt's... It's Tracie..
    关于她的什么What about her?,我只是 我一直有这种感觉 对吧 那I just... I've been having this feeling, right? That...,我不知道I don't know.,我觉得她可能在和别人约会I think she might be seeing somebody else.,这很疯狂 对吗It's crazy, right?,为什么Why?,你的迹象You seein' signs?,唔唔 不 这并不是说 这是Mm-mmm... No. It's not that. It's...,就像我们刚结婚的时候It's like when we first got married,,我们是完美的一对we were the perfect couple.,现在我们就像两个陌生人And now we're like two strangers,在同一所房子里in the same house.,看 人Look, man...,这不是你的错it's not your fault.,你是个好丈夫You're a great husband.,以及你现在所经历的And what you're experiencing right now,叫做七年婚姻is called seven years of marriage.,-好的 -但幸运的是 有治愈方法- Okay. - But luckily, there is a cure.,什么What?,-把你的左手给我 -哇 哇 哇- Gimme your left hand. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!,快点 把戒指给我Come on, give me the ring.,来吧 他妈的 他妈的 狗Come on. Fuck! Shit, dawg.,给它 请把戒指给我好吗Give it... Give me the ring, please?,不 嗯No. Uh-uh.,这枚戒指代表婚姻This ring represents marriage.,而现在 你却没有And right now, you ain't in one.,我们在一个单身派对上We at a bachelor party,强调的是"单身汉"with an emphasis on "bachelor.",接下来的24小时 你都是单身For the next 24 hours, you are a single man.,-我不是为这个来的 就- I didn't come here for this. - Just...,他妈的 人Shit, man.,-还给我 -看 男人- Give it back... - Look, man.,好好享受 好吗Enjoy yourself, all right?,让我们干一杯 来吧Let's have a toast, come on.,好了 各位 让我们举杯All right, everybody, let's have a toast.,雷吉To Reggie.,你想要点什么Hey, what can I get for you?,请 -水 -正确的- Water, please. - Right.,嗯 你好Well, hello.,我在想You know, I was thinking,,我们还是别喝酒了we should just skip the drinks.,把你的手拿开 滚出去Get your hand off me and get out of here.,-这是拉斯维加斯 -是的- It's Vegas. - Yeah.,它引出了捕食者It brings out the predators.,和 还有小丑 是的And... and the clowns, yeah.,这里真热 不是吗It's hot in here, ain't it?,你就只能做到这一点吗Is that the best you can do?,我很抱歉I'm so sorry.,我 呃 已经荒疏了I'm, uh, out of practice.,你在这里做什么What are you, uh, here, doing?,啊 单身派对Ah... Bachelor party.,我希望你不是单身汉吧You're not the bachelor, I hope?,不No.,不 实际上我No, actually I'm...,-什么 -结婚了- What? - ...married.,对不起 我听不清Sorry, I can't hear you.,你呢 你和别人一起吗What about you? Are you with a group?,不 我是一个无人陪伴的成年人No, I'm, uh, an unaccompanied adult.,你在度假吗Are you on vacation?,不完全是 嗯Not exactly. Um...,这更像是一种治疗性的逃离It's more a therapeutic getaway.,我有一个 另一个城市的高压力工作I have a... a high-stress job in another city.,所以 当我需要缓解紧张时So, when I need to relieve the tension,,我来到维加斯I come to Vegas,,我让自己有点疯了 你知道吗and I let myself go a little insane, you know?,我强烈推荐这本书I highly recommend it.,我看起来紧张吗Do I look stressed?,事实上 你做的事情Actually, you do.,我是I am.,对了 我叫瓦尔I'm Val, by the way.,该是你告诉我你名字的时候了This would be about the time that you tell me your name.,-我是达伦 -达伦- I'm Darren. - Darren.,很高兴认识你Nice to meet you.,很高兴认识你Nice to meet you.,哦Oh...,对不起Sorry.,大便 我很抱歉 好吧 让我Shit. I'm sorry. All right, let me, uh...,在这里 我很抱歉Here. I'm sorry.,给你 嗯Here you go. Uh...,你把它洒了 所以You spilled it, so...,确定Sure.,谢谢Thanks.,想跳舞吗Wanna dance?,是的Yeah.,嗯 我的大逃亡Mmm, my great escape.,呃 抱歉 抱歉把你吵醒了Uh, sorry. Sorry to wake you up.,嗯哼Mm-hmm.,你可以继续睡觉了 知道吗You can go right back to sleep, you know?,我得赶飞机I got to catch a flight.,在哪里Where?,西雅图Seattle.,我的Where's my...,怎么了What's wrong?,嗯 我找不到我的手机了Um... I can't find my phone.,哦Oh.,在房间的保险柜里It's in the room safe.,什么What?,我把它放在那里 以防你想溜出去I put it in there in case you tried to sneak away.,好吧 给我Okay. Well, just give me...,把密码给我Give me the combination.,嗯Hmm.,我忘了它I forgot it.......