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电影:婚姻故事(Marriage Story)




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 婚姻故事,我之所以爱妮可...What I love about Nicole...,即便是令人尴尬的事 她也能让大家感到自在she makes people feel comfortable about even embarrassing things.,你看上去很关爱动物Hey, you look like you care about animals.,是的Yes, I do.,当别人诉说时 她总能认真倾听She really listens when someone is talking.,-愿意登记一下吗 -其实我...- Do you want to sign up here? - You know what? I...,真巧 我登记过了It's funny, I actually signed up for this,但我从没有收到过回复but I never heard from you guys.,有时她会因此花费太多的时间Sometimes she listens too much for too long.,好吧 如果你给我发电邮...Okay, if you email me here...,非常感谢 祝你今天愉快 祝好运Thank you so much. Have a good day. Good luck.,她是个好市民She's a good citizen.,-打给他就好 -我不打- Just call him. - I'm not calling.,当遇到棘手的家庭琐事时She always knows the right thing to do,她总能知道该如何处理when it comes to difficult family shit.,打给他Call him.,当我犹豫不决时I get stuck in my ways,,她知道何时该推我一把 何时该让我一个人静静and she knows when to push me and when to leave me alone.,我们的头发都是她剪She cuts all our hair.,她总是莫名其妙地She's always inexplicably,泡一杯茶 却不喝brewing a cup of tea that she doesn't drink.,对她来说 把袜子收好 或关上柜门 或洗碗And it's not easy for her to put away a sock, or close a cabinet,,都不容易 但她会为了我努力去做or do a dish, but she tries for me.,妮可在洛杉矶长大 身边都是演员Nicole grew up in LA around actors,,导演 电影和电视and directors, and movies, and TV,,她和她的母亲桑德拉and is very close to her mother, Sandra,,以及她姐姐凯茜感情很好and Cassie, her sister.,仔细看看包装Note the wrapping.,妮可很会挑选礼物Nicole gives great presents.,她作为母亲 会用心地陪孩子玩耍She is a mother who plays, really plays.,-蜥蜴吗 -是的- Lizard? - Yeah.,她从不厌烦 或对孩子说玩过头了She never steps off playing or says it's too much.,-妈妈 -有时候肯定是玩过头了- Mom. - And it must be too much some of the time.,"砍下了一颗圣诞树...""...chopped down a Christmas tree...",好吧All right.,很好 二 三 四 什么Nice. Two, three, four... What?,这是在逗我吗 我刚坐过牢Are you kidding me? I was just in jail!,该死的Goddamn it!,-别笑话我 别笑了 -她争强好胜- Do not laugh at me! Stop it! - She's competitive.,她胳膊很有力 很会开罐头She's amazing at opening jars because of her strong arms,,我觉得她这一点很性感which I've always found very sexy.,她总是把冰箱塞得满满的She keeps the fridge over-full.,不会饿着家里任何一个人No one is ever hungry in our house.,她会开手动挡She can drive a stick.,你怎么能这样How could you?,出演了那部叫《情迷少女》的电影后After that movie, All Over The Girl,,她本可以留在洛杉矶成为一名电影明星she could have stayed in LA and been a movie star,,但她放弃了这个机会 跟我到纽约去演戏剧but she gave that up to do theater with me in New York.,别让你花了冤枉钱You might as well get what you paid for.,她很勇敢She's brave.,舞技超群She's a great dancer.,很有感染力 她让我也希望自己会跳舞Infectious. She makes me wish I could dance.,当她不知道什么事 或是没有看过某本书She always says when she doesn't know something,,某部电影或某部剧时 她都直言不讳or hasn't read a book, or seen a film or a play,,而我却会信口开河whereas I fake it or say something,或是假装自己有一段时间没看了like I haven't seen it in awhile.,她最喜欢把我的疯狂想法My crazy ideas are her favorite things,付诸实践to figure out how to execute.,我们来试试...Let's try it...,爬行crawling...,但同时又站着but also standing.,她是我最喜欢的女演员She's my favorite actress.,我之所以爱查理...What I love about Charlie...,查理无所畏惧Charlie is undaunted.,他从不会因为别人的观点或任何挫折He never lets other people's opinions or any setbacks,而放弃自己想做的事keep him from what he wants to do.,他喜欢我 所以...And he liked me, so...,查理吃东西时总是速战速决Charlie eats like he's trying to get it over with,就像有人跟他抢似的and like there won't be enough food for everyone.,吃三明治时总是狼吞虎咽A sandwich is to be strangled while devoured.,你的毛衣是不是穿反了Is your sweater on backwards?,但他极其注意整洁But he's incredibly neat,,我要靠他才能让一切井井有条and I rely on him to keep things in order.,那...So...,他很有节能意识He's energy-conscious.,抱歉Sorry.,他不经常照镜子He doesn't look in the mirror too often.,我哭了四次I cried four times.,我也是Me too.,他看电影时很容易落泪He cries easily in movies.,不知道我们哭的是不是同一个地方I wonder if it was the same four.,他非常自立 他会补袜子He's very self-sufficient. He can darn a sock,,给自己做晚饭 烫衬衣and cook himself dinner, and iron a shirt.,你弄得怎么样了How are we doing over here?,甜椒切好了The peppers are cut.,他很少会有挫败感He rarely gets defeated, which...,而我却经常有I feel like I always do.,我这还有几根胡萝卜I've got some carrots.,查理从容地接纳我所有情绪Charlie takes all of my moods steadily.,他不会被我的这些情绪影响 或让我因此难堪He doesn't give in to them or make me feel bad about them.,他很会穿搭He's a great dresser.,他从不会打扮不得体 男人很难做到这一点He never looks embarrassing, which is hard for a man.,该死的 查理 振作起来Goddamn it, Charlie, get it together!,他非常争强好胜He's very competitive.,不是吧Come on!,-这是什么 波罗的海大道是谁的 -我的- What's this? Who owns Baltic Avenue? - Me.,多少钱How much is it?.
    -我的钱不够了 -四百五- I don't have enough. - $450.,好吧 那我破产了 对吗 游戏结束了Okay, so I'm done? I'm done, right? That's it?,太不爽了This is so frustrating!,太不爽了 总是我输This is so frustrating. I always lose.,-爸爸 -他很喜欢当爸爸- Dad. - He loves being a dad.,他喜欢一切本应遭人讨厌的事情He loves all the things you're supposed to hate,,例如孩子耍性子或半夜醒来like the tantrums, the waking up at night.,我做了个噩梦I had a bad dream.,没关系It's okay.,他如此热衷于这些事 几乎都让人生厌了It's almost annoying how much he likes it,,但是 大多数情况还是挺好的but... then, it's mostly nice.,爸爸 别走Dad, stay.,他总是沉浸在自己的世界里He disappears into his own world.,见鬼Shit.,-什么是"见鬼" -我们到站了- What's "shit?" - This is our stop.,他和亨利这点很像He and Henry are alike in that way.,有人牙齿上或脸上沾了食物He can tell people when they have food,他都会以一种in their teeth or on their face,不会让人难堪的方式指出in a way that doesn't make them feel bad.,好了吗Are you good?,好了Perfect.,查理白手起家Charlie is self-made.,他的父母...His parents...,我只见过一次 但是...I only met them once, but...,他告诉我他小时候he told me there was a lot of alcohol,父母经常酗酒 有时还很暴力and some violence in his childhood.,她一出来望风As soon as she comes with a lookout,,他们就拿摄像机跟上they're coming with a camcorder.,摄像机 是这么叫的吧Camcorder. Is that what they're called?,他没给自己留退路就从印第安纳州搬到了纽约He moved to New York from Indiana with no safety net,,现在他比任何纽约人都更像纽约人and now he's more New Yorker than any New Yorker.,-我确保他们用了对的杏仁奶 -有才- I made sure they used the right almond milk. - Genius.,无论跟谁在一起 他都很擅长营造家的氛围He's brilliant at creating family out of whoever is around.,在剧团里 他就像施了魔咒一般With the theater company, he cast a spell,让所有人都很有归属感that made everyone feel included.,所有人都同等重要 哪怕是实习生也一样No one, not even an intern, was unimportant.,他能记住所有圈内笑话He could remember all the inside jokes.,刮风天你会去哪And where do you go when it's windy?,好吧 很好笑Oh, yeah, that... that was funny.,他做事非常有条理 极其细致He's extremely organized and thorough.,他非常清楚自己想要什么He's very clear about what he wants,,不像我 有时会搞不清楚unlike me, who can't always tell.,先停一下Let's stop right there.,查理无所畏惧...,他非常争强好胜他很喜欢当爸爸...,谁先来Who wants to start?,我不会把它念出来的I-I'm not going to read this out loud.,为什么Why is that?,因为我不喜欢我写的东西Because I don't like what I wrote.,当我们调解你们的分居As we mediate your separation,以及最后的离婚时and eventual divorce,,事情会变得相当有争议things can get quite contentious.,所以 我希望先从回忆对方好的一面开始So, I like to begin with a note of positivity,,让我的客户想起for the people I work with to remember,他们当初结婚的理由why they got married in the first place.,这样 当你们分开时And so that, as you come apart,,你们就会记起you're reminded that...,你曾对这个人有过深厚的感情this is a person you had great feeling for,,或许在很多方面依旧如此and maybe still do in many ways.,我来读我的吧 我喜欢我写的I'll read mine. I like what I wrote.,你们都得读出来For it to really work,,才有效果you both have to read.,我不读I'm not going to.,好吧Okay, um...,我觉得这很可惜I just think it's a shame,你们写下了对彼此的美好回忆that you guys aren't going to get to hear,,却没有机会听到uh, the wonderful things you wrote about each other.,她总说我不会写作 但我觉得我写得非常好She always says I can't write, but I think mine's pretty good.,妮可 或许你听了查理写的会改变主意Nicole, maybe you'd change your mind once you heard Charlie's.,我不想听查理写了什么I don't want to hear Charlie's.,我们之前说好要听的We promised to listen.,没错That's right.,这是这个过程的第一步That's the very first step in this process.,如果你们俩Well, I think I'm going to go,要坐在这儿一唱一和if you two are going to just sit around and,那我还是走吧suck each other's dicks.,如此罪恶怎会节制How can this evil allow moderation?,如此罪恶怎会节制How can this evil allow moderation?,背叛亡者怎会是正义的How can it be right to betray the departed?,人类怎可变得如此...How is it human to be so...,背信弃义faithless?,我不需要不虔诚者的赞赏I want no praise from impious men.,不要与他们安然共处一屋No home with them of quiet ease.,我的血管之中仍流淌着高尚的血液Noble blood still runs in my veins.,我要辜负我的父亲...Shall I fail my father...,压抑自己的哭泣stifling my cries,,斩断悲伤的翅膀吗clipping the wings of grief?,难道他的尸首注定要在土里不幸地腐败Must his corpse in the ground wretchedly waste away,,眼睁睁地化为乌有吗feebly count for nothing?,难道杀害他的凶手注定会幸灾乐祸...Must his killers gloat...,难道杀害他的凶手注定会幸灾乐祸Must his killers gloat,,永远不用血债血偿...never to pay with blood, for blood...,查理把点评语给了我 但其实是给你的Charlie gave me the note, but it's really for you.,-他要我不要卡壳 -怎么会是给我的- He told me to pick up my cues. - How is that for me?,演戏就是回应Acting is reacting.,我在回应你 你拖慢了我的节奏I'm responding to you. You're slowing me down.,弗兰克 今晚是最后一场演出 你知道的Frank, it's closing night, you know.,你觉得查理和妮可永远不会复合了吗You don't think Charlie and Nicole will ever get back together?,对 我觉得这次真的结束了No, I think this time it's really over.,还是有点奇怪 我觉得就像我爸妈要离婚一样It still feels weird. I feel like my parents are splitting up.,一直都是"查理和妮可"It's always been "Charlie and Nicole.",-查理还会给点评语吗 -会- Is Charlie still giving notes? - Yep.......

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