黑暗正义联盟:天启星战争 (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War)中英字幕下载-4K电影

黑暗正义联盟:天启星战争 (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War)中英字幕下载

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电影:黑暗正义联盟:天启星战争(Justice League Dark: Apokolips War)




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黑暗正义联盟:天启星战争 (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War)中英字幕下载预览

 记住Rebmemer...记住 约翰Remember, John.记住Remember.记住什么Remember what?记住我爱你That I love you.这不是毫无疑问的事吗 小扎Didn't think that was in doubt, Zee.我只是想在发生任何事之前I just wanted to say it,-告诉你这句话 -什么都不会发生的- before... - Before nothing.联盟会解决这个问题的The League will sort this out日落时我们就会在喝酒庆祝欣赏夕阳了and we'll be havin' pints by sundown.或者欣赏这儿的随便哪颗星星Or whatever that is 'round here.我很高兴你加入了联盟I'm glad you joined the League.我为你而来 亲爱的I'm here for you, luv.别让我穿披风就行Just don't ask me to wear a cape.全体正义联盟成员 立刻到机库报到All Justice League members, report to the hangar, now.真是扰人性致 蝙蝠仔Way to cock-block, Batsy.好吧Well...该走了time to go.感谢各位迅速赶来Thank you for responding so quickly.有些人已经知道了此次集合所为何事Some of you already know what this is about,但我想让一些新成员了解情况but I wanted to get the new members up to speed.这是天启星This is Apokolips,达克赛德的母星home world of Darkseid,他是一个迷恋权力的暴君a power-mad despot策划了两次针对地球的入侵who has orchestrated two attempted invasions of Earth,第一次袭击促成了正义联盟的成立the first of which resulted in the formation of the Justice League.第二次袭击来自我们队伍内部The second one, an attack from within our ranks由机械超人和他的机械部队发动by Cyborg Superman and his cyber force.渡鸦 怎么了Raven, what's wrong?没事It's nothing.这张图像是十小时前This image was taken by surveillance监控在太阳系边缘拍到的ten hours ago on the edge of the solar system.天启星进入了我们的维度Apokolips phased into our dimension放出了隐形无人机and released stealth drones,然后就离开了then phased out again.这种行为只能被认为是战争的前兆This can only be looked at as a prelude to war.达克赛德的目标是征服地球Darkseid aims to conquer the Earth并将其碾于脚下and crush it under his heel.他这套做派可真像丘吉尔Regular Churchill, he is.我知道那家伙是个喜欢种族灭绝的疯子Look, I know the guy's a genocidal maniac,但我们确定他会立刻动手吗but are we sure those are his immediate plans?还是说他打算一千年之后再毁掉地球Or something he'll try in like a thousand years?这些图像来自已被达克赛德征服的世界These are images from worlds that Darkseid has conquered.我们的情报显示Our intel shows目前他已经派出了他的精英卫队和复仇女神战队that he's now sent his elite guard and the Furies来作为占领军 铲除一切反抗势力to act as an occupying force to thwart any resistance.我想把话说清楚I want to make this perfectly clear.我们正面对事关地球存亡的威胁We are facing an existential threat to the planet.我们不能等达克赛德先发制人We can't wait for Darkseid to make the first move.那样我们就完了That could mean the end of us.我们必须主动出击We have to attack.这可不容易It's a tough job.除了那个终极大坏蛋Aside from the big bad,那地方还到处都是类魔this place is jam-packed with those Parademons.联盟之前跟他们正面交锋过The League's faced them before.我们知道他们的弱点在这些地方We know these are their weak spots.大家合力 我们就能突破他们的防线With our combined force, we can cut through them.之后 我就会动手以绝后患Then, I'll do what needs to be done.你们简直疯了This is madness.我们总是能和谈的There's always a deal to be made.至少派个使者去天启星吧Let's at least send an envoy to Apokolips.不可能No!连我都差点死于达克赛德造出的怪物之手Darkseid created a monster that nearly killed me.人类在他面前又有什么胜算What chance would humanity have?我们别无选择 只能毁灭他Our only option is to destroy him.那意味着地球可能会变成世界大战的起源地That means Earth could be ground zero in a world war.我知道有些人不相信我看见的Look, I know some of you don't believe the visions关于闪点的幻象 但是I had about the Flashpoint, but...一场真正的世界大战a truly global war所造成的死亡和毁灭是我们无法想象的means death and destruction on a scale you cannot imagine.地球上的每个人都会有危险Everyone on the planet is at risk,我们在乎的每个人都会有危险everyone we care about.-闪电说得没错 -约翰- Flash is right. - John.确实 这家伙罪该万死Sure, this guy deserves killing,但你不能就这样直捣马蜂窝but you can't kick this hornet's nest仿佛地球上的所有人都刀枪不入like everyone on Earth is bulletproof.我不会要求你们比我做的更多Look, I won't ask you to give anything more than I do.但这件事没得商量But this isn't up for discussion.我们要去解决达克赛德 永绝后患We're going to stop Darkseid once and for all.这是我们的计划Here's how we do it.主队将从天启星的入口攻入The main team will attack through this entryway on Apokolips.泰坦的成员将留在地球上 守卫家园Members of the Titans shall remain on Earth as a home guard.复仇女神战队和他的精英卫队不在With the Furies and his elite guard off-world,只有类魔在保护他and only Parademons to guard him,达克赛德将不堪一击Darkseid will be vulnerable to attack.亲爱的 请躲去安全的地方Honey, please get somewhere safe.克拉克 和你一样 我也有我的职责Clark, I have a job, just like you.也许我无法上前线作战 但我可以做报道I may not be able to fight this war, but I can report the story.别担心了Stop worrying.你得向我保证 你会万事小心Just promise to be as careful as you can.我会的I will.去拯救世界吧Now go save the world.我爱你I love you.我知道I know.紧张了Nervous?没有Nah.不过我倒挺想抽根烟Could use a ciggie, though.正在为跨维度传送门准备标枪Preparing Javelin for inter-dimensional portal.我能搞定 蝙蝠I got this, Bats.你就好好坐着放松吧Sit back and relax.走喽Booyah.真好Lovely.扫描显示有生命体朝我们袭来Picking up lifeform readings coming at us.但它们太大了 不可能是类魔But they're too big to be Parademons.那这些到底是什么Then what the hell are those things?糟了Bollocks.黑暗正义联盟天启星战争地球 两年后酒吧糟了Bollocks.最后一瓶格伦卢法酒也喝完了And that's the last of the Glen Luffa.格伦这个牌子真的有好多种威士忌The Glens are full of whiskey,真的很多I mean, lots of whiskey.喝完格伦牌的酒 宿醉根本算不上什么The "H"s are gonna be a breeze after the "G"s."格伦"打头的酒名实在太多了Too many bloody "Glens."你听到了吗You hear that?还在抱着你的啤酒哭呢Still cryin' in your beer, eh?去你的吧Eat yer heart out!你好啊 我的老朋友 格伦莫古根酒Hello, my old friend, Glen Magoogan.我们需要他We need him.我们要完蛋了We're doomed.约翰·康斯坦丁John Constantine.很高兴我们找到了你I'm glad we found you.你们自己另找酒吧去Find yer own pub.我们要喝光这家酒吧的酒We're drinking our way through this one.实际上 这整条街都是我们的 你们给我滚开In fact, the whole street's ours, pub-wise, so sod off.约翰 是我John, it's me.克拉克·肯特Clark Kent.我是超人You knew me as Superman.确实是你Oh, it is you.我还以为你死了I thought you'd snuffed it.该死的Oh, bloody hell!好了 动手吧Now you've done it.约翰 等等John, wait.我们不是来动手的We're not here to fight.那你就来错地方了You come to the wrong place, then.停下Stop!别说了Stop it!别胡闹了 快揍扁它们Quit playin' around, boy scout! Smash 'em!我做不到I can't!你们两个没用的东西Bloody useless, both of you.能帮我一把吗A little help would be nice.烦死了Bloody nuisance.去死吧 混蛋Last call, asshole.这下我酒又醒了And I'm sober again.魔法真是讨人厌Magic can be such a bitch.达克赛德送你的礼物吗Gift from Darkseid?液态氪石Liquid Kryptonite...让我不再是个威胁to keep me from ever being a threat.所以他让你活着到处游荡 好让所有人都失去希望So he let you live to wander about demoralizing everyone.真厉害Impressive.快停下 拜托Stop it, please.她时不时地就会这样She gets like this, sometimes.我会向你复仇的 女儿I will exact vengeance on you, daughter!放了我Release me,你这个忘恩负义的崽子ungrateful spawn of mine!原来她一直听到的是这个That's what she hears all the time.怪不得她总是很痛苦No wonder she's always in pain,而且她的自愈能力不起作用and her healing powers don't work.约翰John,你要去哪 我们还有...where are you going? We have...一个拯救世界的计划吗A plan to save the world, right?这次肯定会成功呢And this time it will definitely work.走开 克拉克Bugger off, Clarkie.我说过了 找他就是浪费时间I told you he was a waste of time.他不过就是个懦夫罢了All cowards are.这场大屠杀不是我引发的I didn't lead us all into a massacre!是你You did!扎塔娜是个英雄 她英勇奋战Zatanna was a hero who fought bravely.但当她最需要你的时候 你在哪里But where were you when she needed you most?你们俩给我滚Piss off, both of you.扎塔娜会想让你听我们把话说完的Zatanna would want you to hear us out.你少跟我用这种滥招Below the belt, boy scout.很快就会有更多的类魔过来More Parademons will be by.你们想的话就跟我来Come with if you want.不来我也没意见Or not.你怎么说 伊特莱根What about you, Etrigan?随便Whatever.你把这地方收拾得真干净Love what you've done with the place.还有什么能更好地隐喻如今的快乐旧英国What better metaphor for merry old England today?喝酒吗Drink?你们可以用没坏的杯子You can use the good glasses.自从一个朋友死了 他就一直郁郁寡欢Been all mopey ever since a friend of his died.甚至都不写诗了Doesn't even rhyme anymore.还有什么意义What's the point?你到底帮不帮我们Look, are you going to help us or not?在酒吧救你们一命还不算吗Saving your asses in the bar didn't count, eh?用没坏的杯子请你们喝威士忌呢Offering whiskey in an unbroken glass?你们真是忘恩负义Bloody ingrates, you are.所以说So,从一开始就是个破烂计划it was crap from the start,但后来怎么出了岔子but what went wrong, eh?告诉我出了什么事Tell me what happened.达克赛德知道我们计划的每个细节Darkseid knew every part of our plan.那些袭击我们的生物是半类魔Those things that attacked us were half Parademon,半毁灭日half Doomsday.巴里和哈尔拼死一战Barry and Hal fought hard,但还是被击败but were taken down.其他人也没能撑多久The rest of us didn't last much longer.......

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